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  1. A game/sport where the bookies cant get a strong grasp and thus lines is a nice start. But hard to find
  2. You only need to pm the bot like they said but i hope the stats will comeback soon really
  3. Stake have its own problems, but the fact that atfer playing on the page you have a nice feeling of ''being rewarded'', loses aside, make it unique and thus, longlasting.
  4. Is not really a concern if there is the bot or not really, just a matter of adapting.
  5. As someone who used to follow closely the sport betting world this is really interesting to see!
  6. I totally agree that is something that would be appreciated. Because unless you trackdown exacty how much you wager its hard to follow. Im surprised wasnt implemented at the same time since the VIP bar is similar.
  7. No way. I can obviously understand the loss in most cases, is gambling in the end. But, is really, REALLY hard to no let it affect you unless its money you dont care about.
  8. Is always fun to play with the bitcoin price. Specially if its just gut feeling. In my opinion: since the trend according to the years tell us the price is higher, i expect no change at the moment and a big boom around early 2020. Again, gut feeling. I guess is going to be a calm december.
  9. I also agree with that 'not any type of gambling should be taken as a profession'. There are exceptions but some people, surely. Sport betting in the end of the day is about chances, just like any type of gambling. Thus, unless you have a know edge, you aint going too far. A good model can be a edge, inside info, good odd value and so on. Gambling should be a particular hobbie, not a job. Still, there are a lot of people who cant control themselves.