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  1. Nomophobia = a fear of being without your mobile phone. Do you have it? Most of us don’t leave the house without our mobile phones these days, but would you feel panicky without yours by your side? If so, you could be suffering from nomophobia – a fear of being without your mobile. Researchers at Iowa State University have developed this questionnaire to determine just now nomophobic you are. Rate the following statements from 1 (disagree) to 11 (agree), then check your scores below… 1. I would feel uncomfortable without constant access to information through my smartphone. 2. I would be annoyed if I could not look information up on my smartphone when I wanted to do so. 3. Being unable to get the news (e.g., happenings, weather, etc.) on my smartphone would make me nervous. 4. I would be annoyed if I could not use my smartphone and/or its capabilities when I wanted to do so. 5. Running out of battery in my smartphone would scare me. 6. If I were to run out of credits or hit my monthly data limit, I would panic. 7. If I did not have a data signal or could not connect to Wi-Fi, then I would constantly check to see if I had a signal or could find a Wi-Fi network. 8. If I could not use my smartphone, I would be afraid of getting stranded somewhere. 9. If I could not check my smartphone for a while, I would feel a desire to check it. And these... If I did not have my smartphone with me: 1. I would feel anxious because I could not instantly communicate with my family and/or friends. 2. I would be worried because my family and/or friends could not reach me. 3. I would feel nervous because I would not be able to receive text messages and calls. 4. I would be anxious because I could not keep in touch with my family and/or friends. 5. I would be nervous because I could not know if someone had tried to get hold of me. 6. I would feel anxious because my constant connection to my family and friends would be broken. 7. I would be nervous because I would be disconnected from my online identity. 8. I would be uncomfortable because I could not stay up-to-date with social media and online networks. 9. I would feel awkward because I could not check my notifications for updates from my connections and online networks. 10. I would feel anxious because I could not check my email messages. 11. I would feel weird because I would not know what to do. Now calculate your score: 20 or less = not at all nomophobic. 21-60 = Mild nomophobia. You get a little twitchy when you leave your phone at home or get stuck somewhere without WiFi. 61-100 = Moderate nomophobia. You're fairly attached to your device. You often check for updates while you're walking down the street or talking to a friend. 101-120 = Severe nomophobia. You can barely go for a minute without checking your phone. It's the first thing you check in the morning and the last at night, and dominates most of your activities in-between.
  2. Just heard both of these songs and I loved it truly. 😍
  3. I think it's 10 post per day. I'm a newbie and yesterday i experienced it that after 10 post you won't be able to reply or post anything.
  4. Nowadays, Being an emotional person is a curse because when you feel everything with a deep intensity it hurts you and makes you cry. Which leads other people to think that you're fake or doing acting to get some sympathy from people. Let them think whatever they want to because they'll never gonna understand as they don't have feelings like you. Just stay the way you are because this world needs more people like you.
  5. Oh Well, this is my seflie. 😉
  6. I just heard both the songs and i just loved those. Woww..😍
  7. I also thought the same. Wish you good luck
  8. Welcome to the stake forum.
  9. Hey, I love to listen songs. My currently favorite song is "Where Do I Belong" by Jake Hope coz i can relate its lyrics. Tell me about yours favorite song too and why it is your favorite song?