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  1. Nomophobia = a fear of being without your mobile phone. Do you have it? Most of us don’t leave the house without our mobile phones these days, but would you feel panicky without yours by your side? If so, you could be suffering from nomophobia – a fear of being without your mobile. Researchers at Iowa State University have developed this questionnaire to determine just now nomophobic you are. Rate the following statements from 1 (disagree) to 11 (agree), then check your scores below… 1. I would feel uncomfortable without constant access to information through my smartphone.
  2. Just heard both of these songs and I loved it truly. 😍
  3. I think it's 10 post per day. I'm a newbie and yesterday i experienced it that after 10 post you won't be able to reply or post anything.
  4. Nowadays, Being an emotional person is a curse because when you feel everything with a deep intensity it hurts you and makes you cry. Which leads other people to think that you're fake or doing acting to get some sympathy from people. Let them think whatever they want to because they'll never gonna understand as they don't have feelings like you. Just stay the way you are because this world needs more people like you.
  5. Oh Well, this is my seflie. 😉
  6. I just heard both the songs and i just loved those. Woww..😍
  7. I also thought the same. Wish you good luck
  8. Hey, I love to listen songs. My currently favorite song is "Where Do I Belong" by Jake Hope coz i can relate its lyrics. Tell me about yours favorite song too and why it is your favorite song?
  9. ewwww that's really grosss
  10. My gambling journey begins in 2017 from a site called freebitcoin. I bought some btc and invested in it and i lost all lol.😂
  11. I lost more than 50 usd & now tell me about yours
  12. Let's see what majority plays the most in stake. Vote which one you play the most.
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