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    DevTheRoller reacted to JacksonPalmer in Test! ​Are you a nomophobe?   
    got 42, which is probably quite fitting for me. I like having my smartphone around all the time and being able to check the answer to whatever situation i have instantly and easily, I think this is the only thing I would actually miss if I don't have a smartphone anymore. All the other stuff might be a little bit annoying for sure, but there is nothing that is really life changing, at least not for me.
  2. Love
    DevTheRoller reacted to Romanengo in Whats your favorite song ?   
    my favorite songS Its sun is shining and buffalo soldier love bob marley
  3. Wow
    DevTheRoller reacted to Aiza824 in Whats Your *lucky* Client Seed   
    There are no such thing as lucky seeds! I will put this thread catalog to a pile of topic where "Gambling Superstitions" are profiled. Hahaha.
    PS: Use anything you feel that makes you lucky, to the very least, but sharing such to others does not constitute good results to others as well because we cannot read the hashed seeds that the game offers to us.
  4. Wow
    DevTheRoller reacted to davinmark in Whats Your *lucky* Client Seed   
    I think i never have any lucky Client seeds. i keep changing my seeds because even i won big, but sooner it going to be busted again  . i dont think that name can give me a lucky 
  5. Sad
    DevTheRoller reacted to PeppaSlug in How much you've lost today?   
    oof im only down a few bits today haha
  6. Thanks
    DevTheRoller got a reaction from Mohrzy in Whats your favorite song ?   
    just heard it and i liked it.
  7. Love
    DevTheRoller reacted to Mohrzy in Whats your favorite song ?   
    Jayo Sama - Soar
  8. Haha
    DevTheRoller reacted to Aiza824 in How much you've lost today?   
    I never lost that much. Honestly I just deposited like... $10 here since I began months ago and getting my daily average, I just lose $0.05 a day.
    PS: I am only here for fun, after all. The gambling experience I am giving myself with those few cents is already enough to release my happy hormones. 😁
  9. Haha
    DevTheRoller reacted to Ayesha0770 in How much you've lost today?   
    None I mean I lost my profit that's all and the Twitter prize as well I haven't deposit anything so its all ok for me but sorry to hear that you lose that amount
  10. Sad
    DevTheRoller reacted to wtfdoodl420 in How much you've lost today?   
    I won up to about 8-10k usd then lost it all Started at 150 dollars, got another 150 after i busted, as i gained a level  - but by then I was too eager to get it back quickly... Go figure, hehe.
  11. Sad
    DevTheRoller reacted to Etude in How much you've lost today?   
    Well I have no idea specifically but I suppose I typically lose an average of at least $100 minimum daily given that I do not really often choose to cash out or make withdrawals much at all.
  12. Sad
    DevTheRoller reacted to sheenazbay in How much you've lost today?   
    yesterday I lost around 100 $ and it was really annoying. I am too greedy. I made a mistake by betting big and hoping for a quick hit on the big multiplier. but that's gambling. sometimes win and sometimes lose.
  13. Sad
    DevTheRoller reacted to sahil777 in How much you've lost today?   
    did not lose anything today because didnt rolled anything lol
    yesterday i lost almost $40 i think and that was painfull, because i wanted to make $80 only and didnt succeed.
  14. Sad
    DevTheRoller reacted to Basant89 in How much you've lost today?   
    Not today but lost a lot in the last week itself
  15. Sad
    DevTheRoller reacted to Chikou1306 in How much you've lost today?   
    not today , i just woke up and the day already started ! yesterday i lost 0.014 btc which was more than 100$ ! i wont lose today though be ause i have nothing to play with
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