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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dnf_BWCPPhI I will keep posting on my Youtube channel but I guess I'll throw in a bone just for Stake forum as a preview of a really good way to gain $$ til the end of april. (you can get a lot if you just share it around your friends) I'd advise to go through the list from the start til bottom and one of them includes a free VIP Premium signals access for 3 full weeks, thats a great deal on top. Here's the exclusive I won't release til tomorrow :) https://t.me/DogDataCryptoBountyBot?start=fed61745e9
  2. Seeems my prediction after not being able to go down below line were correct - it's gone up quite a bit - 6% and right now 8300 usd, thats a bump! Might be good time to cash out some of the leveraged money, I will - i got goals where I cash out a part of investment at very least. but IMO but keep some position for now if you're longterm or even medium/short cause it's volatile and seems to wanna reach a top again this spring/early summer just like history shows us! Pretty awesome with a couple x of leverage on bitmex. I'm gonna check on the future of it right now - but I'm pretty sure its a good time to spread the money on a couple alt coins that look good.
  3. Yeah set a reasonable amount to win, and dont go further cuz you'll likely just get a steep hill down if you do. Good luck mate I hope the numbers are with you on this journey! (also , i would change seed relatively often personally) Oh and I personally found not sitting at dice all the time ur gambling helps - like try a feew games a couple bets, not huge bets but just to clear mind of the chase a little. I feel it helps. Worth a try I'd say. EDIT 2: I also think that it's a smart idea to not spam bet, change percentage and the amount frequently. but dont get stuck on getting that 5% 10-20 times you know! that's the fall incoming quickly in my experience! Peace
  4. Lost 75 euros in a honeypot today. So not really a casino thing, since Christmas I probably lost a total of 25-35k euro combined on stake, prime and another site. Granted most of it was money I won, but it still sucked to decide to quit while being slightly ahead.
  5. Well, this isnt everything i lost this year - but stake ate this since september: Profit: -0.0000 bch, -0.5559 btc, -236.1389 doge, -13.5121 eth, -16.8380 ltc, -3555.0451 trx, -21064.1231 xrp
  6. I got like 200 tickets atm, but honestly i dont even think percentage wise I'm 0,01% or close to it. But I also agree that having one is better than zero - IF you don't gamble too steep and bust what you would normally WD.
  7. i got maybe 240-250 xrp? i wagered a whole lot more than you. I mean just looking at raffle tickets - I scrolled through 211k usd in crypto.
  8. Looks like we hit another wall last night, with a surge of over 10% as a result. Not bad at all. I do still wonder if it's gonna attempt a 3rd time to go below 6500 usd.. But it's looking bright for the future atm. Hopefully it wont go below, but ill put a stop loss on my leveraged long trade anyway.
  9. I won up to about 8-10k usd then lost it all Started at 150 dollars, got another 150 after i busted, as i gained a level - but by then I was too eager to get it back quickly... Go figure, hehe.
  10. Biggest I lost in one night was 50k usd. Since then I've won and lost 10-20k several time, ofc I've mostly lost if you look back. I don't chase to be in profit anymore, I just need to get by without losing everything.. But I keep losing control