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  1. This year I was planning a vacation in Miami, but Covid-19 changed my plans. The main problem was - I wasn't able to find an airplane. I just cancelled my vacation. Then one of my friends told me that he had found private jet rentals (https://www.laurenbergercollection.com/properties/) for this purpose and had a wonderful vacation on Mali. Well, I don't have enough money for that now. But if there will be such problems next year (I hope not) I will use something like that. Because it sucks to stay at home in summer.
  2. Well, I'm a major cinephile and that's why I can't name an actual film. I like the Matrix trilogy, Forrest Gump, Green Mile, and hundreds of other films I watched. Right now I'm watching a whole lot of horror movies. One of my friends told me about this https://flixboss.com/movies/horror/ site not so long ago. And it was find of the century. The best list of horror films from Netflix I ever saw. They have ratings, short reviews without spoilers and direct links to the films themselves. And that's awesome.
  3. Interesting thread. I didn't expect it, but I found some new interesting sites around here. And I think, I need to do some input. I have found one site with hentai manga (https://9hentai.com) not so long ago. And it is just perfect! Some say that a regular porn is better, but I don't agree with it. Because the guys who create hentai... well, they make human body ideal. Never saw a perfect human body in a regular porn. Even more, hentai "stretches" reality. The plot is limited only by the artist 's imagination. And that's why it's awesome.
  4. I don't think Bitcoin is a good option for this. Where did you try to purchase money? Purchasing it from the banks is not a good idea if your credit history is ruined. Some of them will refuse, others will try to give you a loan with an enormous interest rate. But you can try it with loan companies. For example, these guys: https://expertpaydayloans.com. One of my friends had a same problem as you. Those guys gave him a loan with 3,5% interest. This is not perfect, but not bad for a situation like that. You can contact them - maybe they will give you money with good interest, I don't know.
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