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  1. Dunno about favorite, maybe Fallout first game, played it on Win 95 even or Max Payne 2 or CoD, but I went through Max Payne 2 over 50 times, but I've watched Titanic more than 60 times, does make it my favorite movie? 😂
  2. Surely I'd pick Limbo, even on lower multipliers it's more merciful to me than Dice! I had better results with Dice on the Primedice website, not as much here on Stake! Dice is funnier to play, Limbo is more profitable but 2x always gets me eventually, lol! Pretty much always like that, to hit those big multipliers and win big you have to have a huge bankroll, quite a bummer when you hit a big one in any game and still have a chip change!
  3. GeorgeFeb

    10% in a day

    Yes, just have to wait for all this virus mess to calm down, hopefully it'll be soon, but seems that nothing will be the same afterwards, especially in several countries that has been hit the most! For Bitcoin price and cryptos overall the end of said pandemic could be one of the biggest ups in history of crypto not to mention the upcoming halving, so I guess a lot of people will make a good buck with it, I'll stay aside though, I like my electronic VISA monies!
  4. Ha, guys have a good sense of humor, happy April fool's day you too! G, I knew that token will go to the Moon! 🤑
  5. Very cool this new version, seems like guys listen to our demands and constant moaning on how this or that game is boring and so on! 😃 That's great! New variety of multipliers is a way better, love the new look, nice deck, more fun to play! Who knows, maybe some other games would be updated soon?
  6. Quite a risky game, although I liked to play it for wagering until I realized that it's not a good idea, lol! Wouldn't bet big amounts with this game, still would blast everything on Limbo's 2x! 😂 I won a good money back in the day on the real Video Poker automat, cool stuff! Haven't seen any official statement about an update, if it's so then I have to go check, thanks!
  7. Quote from the book: The Art Of Money Getting "There is no such thing in the world as luck. There never was a man who could go out in the morning and find a purse full of gold in the street to-day, and another to-morrow, and so on, day after day. He may do so once in his life; but so far as mere luck is concerned, he is as liable to lose it as to find it. "Like causes produce like effects." If a man adopts the proper methods to be successful, "luck" will not prevent him. If he does not succeed, there are reasons for it, although, perhaps, he may not be able to see them." So it's a mere probability, today you might get a 1000000x in Limbo and tomorrow you'd blast all the profit either in Casino or some other place! 😂 What do you think? Hard not to believe in something like luck or other "things" like that, coz people kinda have to have some base, some confirmation that everything that's happening to them has a reason, while in reality it hasn't really!
  8. You don't say, there are pretty much no any reliable exchanges, well, maybe apart from Binance provided you won't verify there and would just use 2 BTC per 24h limit which is reasonable, more than enough and great, but once you're verified, start to get mixed up with your plastic card and all that jazz, that's where all the fun starts! Unfortunately with crypto you can only cash out via P2P platforms and we all know the downsides, not instantly, have to wait for a buyer and on, and on, and on! Not there yet if ever will be!
  9. Hey guys I dunno all the multipliers per opened diamonds, but it'd be tremendous to make a list in this thread for everyone to know what you can expect from the game multipliers wise! So any hunters who have opened all the possible diamonds per all the possible bombs please chime in and let's create this list, will be very useful!
  10. I had some problems with those, but now I don't get them for some reason which is great! Although it's quite nice to get some notifications about deposits, especially when someone else is depositing on your address, like I had a few deposits from giveaways! I can understand you, all these technologies drive me and with my OCD crazy, when I don't use a tablet I'm all cool, it was devised to drive us crazy!
  11. Congrats on that man, enjoy the perks! You have to wager about 10k bucks, you can do that with 100$ if you're super patient, but if you aren't, then you'd have to lose between 500-1000$! Good luck!
  12. Ha, another fascist gov, how unfortunate, welcome to the club Polish guys, enjoy less freedoms and have at that VPN, how cool! 😂
  13. G, that was so damn funny, I cried, superb:
  14. Thanks! Not at all, several lines of code, maybe a little deck redesign if needed, nothing huge, but to make it I guess more people have to vote for this suggestion, take a look how it works in real casinos and other Internet casinos and compare those Roulettes with Stake's Roulette and see for themselves!
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