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  1. He’s rewarding the people watching his stream doesn’t matter if they’re VIP or not, they’re there interacting on his stream why shouldn’t they deserve a chance to win the giveaways...
  2. Thanks for sharing this I missed this stream, been waiting on a slots update aswell hopefully it turns out well!
  3. Thanks for the insight, thats sorta what ive been waiting for is for bitcoin to drop a decent amount then stock up and hopefully it will rise again
  4. gonna play it slow and hope that people rip there balances early on and hopefully snag a spot in the top 50 atleast got some new wager strategies i get to put to the test aswell.
  5. CSGO is a game on Steam and they have in game cosmetics that cost real money and a couple years ago gambling with those skins was really popular and its still going on today
  6. No and yes I have never heard of tong but I will look into looks like it could be decent. and not gonna lie bingo would be pretty fun to have on Stake but I think Keno is the closest we’re getting to that
  7. I don’t agree with this unless your all in is a low amount then you may aswell just risk it
  8. I auto wagering close to this but instead of 1.01 I used 1.02 and betting 100sats I set auto bet for 10k rolls and in the end only lost 8k satoshis which I made back right after from blackjack
  9. You need to know how to play you can easily look up some spread sheets that will tell you the best options when betting here’s one for example
  10. Alright thank you for the advice and it seems everyone else is on the same page aswell 👌
  11. Nearing 5000 replies wow, this gotta be the most replies topic? No?
  12. Probably not there main focus right now but I wouldn’t doubt in the future there will be updates to the slots game mode
  13. Reply what your favourite csgo skin is 👀 right now mine would have to be the new AWP Prince
  14. Mohrzy

    31 reds in a row

    wow that’s very unlucky, I never have really played limbo much but seems better stay away after seeing this
  15. I use dice when I’m trying to wager a lot my settings on auto bet are 4x and raise the bet 30% on loss heres just betting 100 satoshis at base bet
  16. Wow thanks for posting about this probably would of never even heard about it, can’t believe that actually happened though.
  17. Aww man I didn’t know about this sad to see I missed out on the previous ones
  18. A little on the negative side right now I was down quite a bit at the start but I’ve been hitting lately so I’m on the comeback right now
  19. I hit it in under 20 rolls when hunting for the telegram challenge its all about luck
  20. Never tried baccarat but this strategy makes sense now just to put it to the test!
  21. Yah same I moved on from “skins” crypto is the way to go
  22. Mohrzy

    Instant bet

    Wait what the speed is based off of your base bet? Is this true and if so where’d you hear this
  23. Tried it a few times did not like it at all and haven’t touched it since, besides for telegram challenges and it makes me not want to touch that game mode anymore
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