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    BidaManEris got a reaction from Loidy in Gamble Way up   
    Don't stray too far, you would see people around here who exactly does that, thinking they can reclaim what they have lost if they could only have that "extraordinary luck" but little do they know the more they lose, the more they try to recover and the more that luck becomes impossible to achieve.
  2. Thanks
    BidaManEris got a reaction from johnlopez0000 in What will you say about stake.com bonuses?   
    I'm very cool with it. Best things in life are free, especially if it is money- I won't say no to it when I am doing nothing and I am about to enjoy myself with it. 
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from namtt007 in Martingale on Roulette?   
    If you are going to use Martingale, better to do it in Blackjack, Baccarat or value-determinant games because of the house edge involved. Playing Martingale in roulette is still good but it isn't as efficient as using the betting system on other games. Roulette is better with complex systems such as Casino Royale system or Playing-The-Numbers.
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from coinph in How many times you hit max payout on dimond poker.   
    I never got it yet since I tried it until to those occasional periods that I was playing this on my sessions and I believe it is not because that I am playing that much but because the chance is just too low.
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from peaz in Guys, be careful for the YouTube scams   
    If you are intelligent and inquisitive enough and you have already been lurking around the internet for quite some time, you will not fall for these tricks. For these kinds of things I would rather ask a professional or someone who I can financially trust first before gripping a word from people I don't really know.
    Bots have malicious scripts that can steal your credentials or even coin balances away from your wallet.
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in How many guys wants USDT or TRUEUSD { stable coin on Stake }?   
    This is impossible because TUSD and USDT (and even PAX) has strict policy about their coins being used to gambling. This will never happen unless those coins actually drop their rules about how their coins must be used for gambling.
  7. Love
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Computer in Tennis Table   
    It is not luck. Perhaps something might have been affecting your player's mood or performance in some way? Have you did your research before these matches?
  8. Thanks
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in How the reload treated you so far?   
    I did not earn anything but I thank Eddie for giving me the opportunity to make something out of nothing, even though I did not actually made it happen. It was enjoyable. 
  9. Haha
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in Stress   
    I just smoke a stick or grab a beer with my friends. I don't really lose that much but with the games inducing fun and thrill for me, I feel like getting more morphine would just hit that right spot. The adrenaline rush from the games plus a bottle of beer after the rolls, bust or not, really gives me that euphoric feeling.
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in Do you consider your gambling as livelihood?   
    No and will never be. There's no way you can even hustle with this Casino (because of its natural edge set on its games) unless you are a VIP, which will cost you a lot first before you actually begin to gain. As they say- things go worse before it gets better.
  11. Bitcoin
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Mahdirakib87 in How long you can have patience?   
    Even doing complete adherence to your timid play and patience, your time will never be enough to make a substantial profit (if you are using "Martin G.") or a bankroll enough to compensate for your long streak of small losses (if you are hunting high payouts). We aren't even mentioning the house edge yet on this, too-- patience will still not beat house edge.
  12. Haha
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in Oh Keno! One Second You're Mine   
    Uh... I personally find this a bit disturbing yet amusing. That's betting and taking the game to a whole new, bizarre level... 
    60,000 DOGE is already a lot! That's already enough for one to run away! I hope with these levels of balance you've already thought of withdrawing some and just resume playing just to keep boredom at bay. 
  13. Love
    BidaManEris got a reaction from dealwithit147 in Finally a small profit fromy dicebot   
    Judging by the graph that the Dicebot has created in terms of your strategy, you are clearly using a Martingale (probably a re-hash by using the OnWin feature). That huge dip (last row to the right) signifies that your strategy is not really a good try (even it yielded a profit) because a huge streak (or a set of reds dominating greens within a period of time) can still crash your balance down. Be very careful not to keep continuing that way-- that dip only shows that no matter how timid your bets have been, you'll encounter a grim losing streak sooner or later.
    PS: You are very lucky that you only encountered that streak between 200k to 250k rolls. I bet that if that huge dip still resumed with 3-4 more losing rolls, you'll end up with a "fishing rod" graph. 
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    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in What I do in Diamond Poker?   
    The game isn't really fitting for Martingale because it isn't offering fair, constant chances of getting the same payout for every round. One should play this like Plinko (randomly or for wager (swinging balance)) or someone who could stomach playing Grand Martingale (a special type of Martingale with elevated OnLoss value) to compensate for the higher payout streaks that might appear.
  15. Haha
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in Are you enjoying lock down?   
    No, definitely not. I want to go back to my old life now. This is the only moment in my life since I began working that I actually missed going to office and hustling from 8 to 5. 
    PS: I am running out of things to do inside our house-- that's why! I already stumbled all shows that Netflix can offer and still my boredom wasn't cured!
  16. Haha
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in Simulated Soccer   
    Don't go for it if you don't want robots to decide the outcome of your sports bets. Simulated soccer is already up and running for a long time, but every game that happens on it is purely based on different computer systems that different people have created (AI). Those people who create them will have their systems matched against each other as if there is an actual soccer game is happening in real-time but in truth, the results have already been decided right after the algorithm has already been "blended together" right just before the moment the simulation has begun; the outcome will just never be revealed immediately-- the soccer will commence first to make everything virtually realistic.
  17. Thanks
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in Looking for old Bitcoin wallets more profitable than Bitcoin mining?   
    Technically it is not since it owns by no one anymore. If one has the private key (or manage to "crack" it up) for that certain bitcoin wallet that they have found, "finders keepers" apply.
    As far as the main concern is pointing out, it is very dangerous to take such offers as it is a very vulnerable scheme towards scam to entrust your money with.
  18. Love
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in Dumb loan choices.   
    I don't loan unless absolutely necessary (contingency, emergency purposes, health hazards). Gambling would be the last of the reasons why would I borrow money from others. It's not just very dangerous, but it is also condoning yourself to keep gambling even though you are already doing the habit wrong.
  19. Haha
    BidaManEris reacted to Aiza824 in Zombified Gamblers   
    As the title suggests, do you believe, with full awareness within yourself, that you or anyone you know have already been 'zombified' by Stake's induitably false yet impressively convincing promises of big wins (a perfrct business strategy) to its players to a point that they/you no longer care if you lose a lot (in exchange of prestige with an insubstantial monetary amount to compensate for the losses, such as) just to win the race, get a big bonus next coupon or get yourself constantly on the HR tab? When you deposit do you get that irresistible feeling that you no longer feel that you want to stop for every spin/roll/trial/card flip you make, no matter how dangerously far you could go with every stake?
    True enough, Stake is commendable in retaining its customers... and with that and how you have spend your time and money here at Stake, can you call yourself a Stake "zombie" now? 😂
  20. Thanks
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in Should Stake add different modes?   
    You mean modifying how the game pays out like how they did it with Plinko, Keno, Sots and Mines? I agree to this, in a sense that the payouts must spread and stretch out to lower pairs and adjust the higher set of qualifying suits. Other than that, I don't see anything that we can do for it as the game is pretty straightforward.
  21. Bitcoin
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in My Mines strategy   
    This looks like nothing more than Martingale-ish for me. I have my personal trauma with regards to using that kind of system (and all its variants) in any games here. Still, if it is giving you profits then it may be good but I hope it will last long for you not to succumb on a very long losing streak.
  22. Thanks
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in Four Aces/Kings   
    You mean you are looking for (14.28x)^3 payout for Hilo with 0.0343% chance of winning 4 A/K in a row? If you have been playing this game for a very long time now (as long as 30,000+ trials of flipping and skipping over for four consecutive A/K in a row) then that would only be the highest definite time that you might see it hitting (luck will play a role too). @Aiza824 is right, just go for Dice, Crash or Limbo if you are looking for that kind of payout.
  23. Haha
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in For me Blackjack is not the best game   
    Nah, this game is the easiest and the most comfortable game to play with especially with those toms of Martingales that players have been doing on other games to try to profit. It also allows you to test your decision-making skills (a placebo-ish control) in real-time rather than watching a session go on and on in automation that you can never control.
  24. Thanks
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Aiza824 in Are you A lifetime winner ? ​🤔 ​   
    There is no such thing as being a "lifetime winner" as the gambler in this kind of industry, unless you are those very rare whales who would hit jackpots and would realize that they should never turn their backs again to gambling and enjoy a cozy trip to Hawaii with their wife. The house will always win (house edge says so) no matter how lucky you may be for days or weeks- you will eventually succumb to lose it if you will not stop.
  25. Love
    BidaManEris got a reaction from Lucas Holder in Bet verification chrome extension   
    Nice work! I hope the management will notice you on this one and get some recognition. You did a good job.
    The only thing that I am wondering about this is that what makes it really different than using the site's verifier for it to gain more attention?
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