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  1. I want to play auto slots with 0.001 base bet on 1 line. But may be its just a dream 😴.
  2. My suggestion for challenge mines 24 bombs and 1 diamond 2 times in a row
  3. rstvv

    Mines money Strat

    I dont like mines, i never got big multiplier there. When i play mines its so lag, that why i dont like it. May be sometimes i'll got big win and will change my mind about this one.
  4. I'm newbie at stake and rare chat in the chatroom, i never muted there. I just chat when bored play and need friends for sharing something or when i join in the challenges.
  5. Every free money is good for us🀣,But may be its not good for stake owner and team. Stake has give us so many free money and sometimes we win big from that. Btw its good idea,
  6. I cant write or say something about his bet. I cant imagine if i have that much amount of btc what will i do with that. One word for his bet is "AMAZING". I guess he have much more balance in his wallet.
  7. For me, daily is better, i dont need stay at reload every time, i just need to check again it next day. 10 mins reload make me crazy, i must always stay here to claim, no sleep, no eat, no rest etc 🀣.
  8. So sad to hear, Reload bonus ended yesterday. I claim reload a few times, but also cant claim so much because busy in real life. May be next month it will back, when new game coming to stake πŸ˜‚.
  9. I ever made from 800 doge to 100k+ a week ago, i just withdraw 30k then i bust all while i try to get more. Greedy is part of my life, a few times i make profit like that but all back to stake. I never stop playing before all my balance to be zero😁.
  10. Looking nice, cant wait this game come to stake. Slots always interesting to try, i hope it will soon release.
  11. I have a good profit on plinko but bust more after thatπŸ˜…. Sometimes i play plinko but bored there, now i like slot much than plinko. But may be next time i'll hit big on plinko and start love it.