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  1. Well im im enjoying with slots and hilo but sometime hilo rigged lmao Play slots and recover with 2 bets in hilo is my strategy Username : perkuca
  2. Happy valentinea mara 😍😍 Username ; perkuca
  3. Nah klo kasusnya udh fresh seed terus roll 100 tapi ga hit mau lngsung ganti seed lagi tanpa pindah game dlu gimana um ? Bakal ttep work kah
  4. Ty ilmunya 😍 Udah pernah coba kaya trik diatas tapi belum pernah juga hit :v
  5. HILO: 16,413,197,329 placed by Perkuca on 12/02/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 14.5665x Profit 0.00135665 HILO: 16,579,962,388 placed by Perkuca on 14/02/2020 Wagered 500.00000000 Multiplier 22.2829x Profit 10641.42702415
  6. Btc Hit 25k usd im really thanks so i can recover a bit my lost on gambling lol
  7. BIG zero πŸ˜‚ But its ok my goal is reach to silver rank and after that i will play with more skill and shit of mega lucky lmao
  8. Nah if is that monthly coupon thats bad for me lol I got only 90xrp it was lower from my weekly coupon , for sure this month i have within $19k waggered i think i will got some nice monthly bonus
  9. Its really monthly coupon ? I guess its just free xmas gift for everyone , because its not only VIP got that coupon. And im sure monthly coupon its just for VIP
  10. Indeed got money will make us happy But for me meet a new friend with a different background,place jobs its more fun even if we can choose good friends it can make us work together in business or share work info.