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  1. Whats timezones have to do with him neglecting this matter, hes been online numerous times Great job @Steve ... not
  2. Still waiting This is retarded the guys obviously not giving me it hes online like good job steve Still waiting
  3. What are u even talking about
  4. Buddy i posted it as a reply to that tweet like are u kidding me And no i cant go find the tweet and post the link are u kidding? That was quite a while ago im not going searching for it, i posted it where i was supposed to, im not going searching for it like i shouldnt have to, he should have just given the bonus to me like he was supposed to, for once, but that never seems to happen Whats he even have to search for anyway, i clearly placed 14th, its right there in front of you plain as day
  5. id believe that if he didnt forget me each and every week
  6. Thats bs like really? I just get ripped off for the bonus this time?
  7. @Steve why do u forget me every single time its starting to get annoying! @Steve like come on lets get with it it already your online so you have obviously seen my post on here, i posted my post on Twitter showing i placed, yet again, and yet again you didnt put me in the bonus, so get it together already man, im getting tired of having to do this each and every week man
  8. Check out this miner, its a free one or u can also pay for faster gains , you will thank me for this, even the free miner is alot faster then you think , and its legit!! https://t.me/BTC_Miner_au_bot?start=769731454
  9. Wtf why am i getting screwed out that bonus , thats bs
  10. hello why am i not getting this prize @Stevehello why am i not getting this prize
  11. Why is my name not on the list i clearly placed and i posted the tweet as well Why was i not given the bonus
  12. What do u mean sent now
  13. Why was i not given my prize?! https://mobile.twitter.com/PirieBub/status/1231218154233352193/photo/1
  14. @Steve You said you gave me the prize, but the prize was not given to me, and it still does not allow me to claim the coupon like i dont understand
  15. i was not given the prize though.... @steve i dont understand , i wasnt given the prize, and i cant claim it?