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  1. I think technical correction and then moon.
  2. @butterkeks normally u getting asked to link your accounts on first sign up at the forum.
  3. Hey, jonny007. Have good times here and a lot of fun.
  4. hey @h4zed, @butterkeks and @predatorvale 🖖😁
  5. interesting lol
  6. If a high roller is around ppl increase posting messages like "thx, wow, good luck" and so on. With TheFinalizer and Neils around this was really intense. Everything is almost back to normal. But here and there I notice chat lags each day. Chat then just stops working and I need to refresh the site. Otherwise I gonna miss messages. Hope they will fix that soon.
  7. Have some fun here. And some great wins, Romnick19.
  8. Yes. Same here. Unsatisfying. DiceBot only reason for me gambling on those sites. Would be nice getting that fixed. Otherwise I need to change the site.