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    hey @h4zed, @butterkeks and @predatorvale 🖖😁
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    Hey guys  

    Not sure if this issue has been resolved by now, but just in case it is not, make sure to post all the questions regard the official DiceBot on this thread: 

    DiceBot is an extension of the site, a reliable bot by the long-term Respected Member of the community, but it is not Stake's official bot, so we do not do direct support for it, sorry  

    I hope the thread helps and you find your answers there; I will be locking this one now. 

    Cheers! 🍀
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    DiceBot 3.4.8 fixed this issue
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    Hello fellow stakers
    Recently Stake has changed the vip benefits. Now you will not get reloads or a vip-host anymore once you hit the gold rank. You need to be Platinum from now on.

    I understand that the casinos dont have to give back anything and I am really thankful for all the bonuses and coupons that we get! So please dont understand me wrong..
    But in my opinion just changing the benefits from one day to another is not quite fair. I personally am bronze at the moment and my goal always was to reach gold. For me gold is a rank that is actually achievable while reaching platinum will be very hard and im not sure if im ever going to hit it. These vip ranks always gave me some kind of motivation, knowing that if i keep playing on this site I will atleast get some nice bonuses and increase my vip rank. Whenever I deposited something to stake, no matter how small or big, I always made sure to wager atleast a little bit so that I can reach my goal of getting to the gold vip rank. However now the gold rank just doesnt feel special anymore. This change took quite some motivation of mine to play here instead of other casinos (I still love to play on stake though).
    By changing the benefits of the vip ranks I feel like theres dissatisfaction and maybe even envy amongst the users. We were discussing this today in the german chat, theres someone who gets reloads and has a vip-host with the rank of silver and now there will be people with the gold vip rank that dont even have this..
    Personally I think its just not quite fair to change these things when theres players that are trying to achive gold and then suddenly all their effort was for nothing.. I do understand that casinos really dont need to give us anything back, but there still could have been other better options than just removing reloads and vip-hosts completly. For example they could have reduced the amount of coins you get from the reloads with gold and not give you and personal host. Or they could have added a different bonus to gold just to atleast still make it a bit special.
    I think having players with the same rank but not the same bonuses creates dissatisaction and envy amongst the users. It would be good if players that already reached a vip rank wouldnt be affected by such benefit changes and only the new users would be. Of course that wouldnt solve the problem of people having the same rank but different benefits... but atleast people that already were trying to reach a certain rank didnt do it all for nothing..
    If someone had like 90% on silver and is wagering just to reach gold and then on the next day suddenly the benefits of gold arent there anymore, is that fair? I mean stake has all the rights to do it but there would be so many better options in my opinion...
    Whats your opinion on this? 😶
    P.S excuse my spelling and grammar errors 😅
    Update: Its now one month ago when I posted this and with some great luck I managed to reach gold! It happened way faster than I had ever thaught ^^ Platinum, im coming!