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  1. And if you need some help and ask for a bonus if it helps you?
  2. Nothing they say is true, what appears in the VIP benefits tab is to attract the attention of new players, I am platinum 3 and in all the time I have playing I have not received anything out of the ordinary, it is true that the monthly coupons are bigger, some time ago to ask for an extra bonus or help you just had to ask Eddie and since I have a VIP host I have not received any and I have seen that some give bad attention, leave aside all the benefits that They themselves promise in the VIP benefits section since I have not seen any benefits that are not the same as the rest of the players ..
  3. My real name is Daniel and my username is DlR to make it a bit more comfortable I will separate it in letters D- (de) l- (ele) R- (erre) I do this because many ask me what letter is in the middle. my username is the one mentioned by the first letter of my name D of Daniel and the "l" by Liliana which is the name of my wife and the R is the name of my first name, I know that nobody cares but wanted tell it haha
  4. KENO: 14,363,088,577 placed by DlR on 11/01/2020 Wagered 0.00524288 Multiplier 500x Profit 2.61619712 I am very good at playing keno
  5. hola that's bad my mom says what time will i win?
  6. I'm so confused ... 😐 but I hope to win haha
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