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    Hey all,

    Yeah, I think I would consider myself a problem gambler. Or at least a "borderline" one - if one could say that.. I would say that because I've never been in debt by gambling. I've managed so far to play with money that I can afford, which is an important thing I guess.

    But.. Apart from money lost, there's the psychological part that's what does the most damage. Even if we play extremely low amounts of money, the most important thing is to manage to regulate the amount of TIME we give into gambling. It's no different than being addicted to a game for example (League of Legends, etc).. I don't give any money there, but the time consumed can be the same, with the same psychological impact.. 

    What usually gets me really down - even when I'm winning, is the fact that I feel the need to keep my gambling activity a secret. That's a strong sign for a problem gambler. My wife will come home and I'll be all sneaky about it, creating a very bad atmosphere. All this happens for that damn RUSH we all feel when that 3.5x appears 5 times in a row, or when we wait for the balance to go up and the gambling session is about to start.. But, everything in life is about keeping a balance and everything we do more than we should, we must do our best to moderate it.

    There are a lot of signs that would tell that someone could be a problem gambler and should not be discarded easily.. Bad situations in gambling can escalate extremely quickly and we should always be aware. I personally had sought professional help in the past that has at least made me self-aware of my situation...

    I very often need to completely stop gambling for a period of time - take a long break and focus on other stuff in life. Usually to do that, I need to block myself from gambling activity on the internet.. But lately, I've found ways to unblock me very very easily (multi-accounting in crypto, etc - while sport gambling with KYC is easier to be self-blocked) - so.... I need to find a way to have my account active AND keep my self-control.. in control! This is the first time I try this approach and being social in this forum is a way to at least try not be "sneaky" digitally, if that makes sense.

    Currently, I'm on a spot that I have a holiday trip coming up after the New Year, so I wanna try and not do anything stupid until then. Going away for those days will help me keep away (I hope... damn you mobile stake being awesome ) and come back fresh.

    I wish everyone a happy new year and the best of LUCK