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  1. Yeah but if you have extreme reality altering luck you will attract shady characters from every other reality and they will chase you through infinite realities until they get you to do their bidding, and that could get quite exhausting. i have always wanted the ability to time travel (controlled time travel no Quantam Leap kind of stuff). Just to observe the past/future not to alter anything . Ok maybe make a few sports bets (like back to the future 2, lol) .
  2. Yeah but everytime your invisible you’ll piss your pants which may give you away. i wish I was able to hold my breath underwater for as long as I wanted to. For nothing more then pulling pranks on unsuspecting people.
  3. My ultimate life goal is to raise my children to become successful and respectful adults. whats your dream job?
  4. My favorite drink is ice tea what is your favorite movie?
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