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  1. Can someone explain why autobet stops on its own. I've contacted support several times but can't get answer as to what's wrong, or an ETA on when it is going to be fixed. I don't blame support for this as I know they can only pass on the information which they are being told, which (in most cases) seems to be nothing ??. Most annoying is that it always seems that the target is met within a few spin after autobet has stopped, & instead of being paid the multiplier from the loss increase, the wager is lost, unless I want to restart the autobet at the last known losing wager,wh
  2. Team Name Change : Hey dudes. Changed my team name to be in line with the spirit of the forum & as a way to promote stake. New Team Name : The Best @ stake.com On a different note, One Problem I have with transfers substitutions etc. No matter how many times I save changes to players the original team remains after I have saved changes ?
  3. Can you let me know the provider of this game is ?? it's not showing up in searches. thanks
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