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  1. Nice Explanation @mistaker Being the devils Advocate : The average Punter just wants to know why 1.01 gets beaten 2-3 times in a row. Your Explanation, while showing that the outcome is out of stake's control, doesn't re-assure "average Joe", that their very short odds being defeated so often, is either fair nor mathematically possible.
  2. Stake 3 has opened up so many slots that were never accessible using Cryptocurrency before. All these games are also available without the need of having to register on multiple sites, then having to guess which site has which particular game. Auto currency conversion also allows players to use different currencies. One Small issue though: Samurai slots needs an update to iron out a couple of issues. One in particular is the game freezing after 10-12 spins (both manual & autoplay. This problem doesn't exist on any other game anywhere. Players can unfreeze this by refreshing page & any winnings are auto credited. But this takes away the excitement of watching Winning spins live.. This is particularly annoying if freeze happens during free spins. All in all, there are a lot more positives than negatives and future additions can only enhance the popularity even more. Good Luck & Keep Em Green
  3. Probably Value wise he is in front, 50 BTC Currently worth approx $4.5 million (approx 2015 average = $630 800 Btc in 2015 were worth $480K (approx 2018 average = $9000) While, yes he is worth less than if he hadn't sold in 2015, he's still very well off
  4. I'm a bit confused here. Platinum VIP and this is your first forum post ?? You explain that you deposited 3 BTC so as you could be entitled to all the bonus' given to VIP's. But you don't seem to indulge in some of the many giveaways (some of which are more than VIP reload bonus). Sorry If I come across as sceptical, and may be wrong regarding the giveaways. But I'm curious as most of these require you to have 10 forum posts, of which you have only One..
  5. It would stop being a gamble then !! Besides, It would still be possible to feed you the wrong result (remember the sting) I would love to have the ability to Make politicians lose their clothes every time they tell a lie. But they would be unaware themselves that this has happened.. Would be damn funny seeing all these idiots wondering if they arenaked or not !!