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  1. I Can't say That I completely understand everything @dupeddonk But I'm certainly satisfied that there was no manipulation by Stake and the video has been cleverly edited in an attempt to make the ordinary punter believe there is something under-handed going on. But why Stake didn't come out and explain what went on sooner, only added smoke to the fire when this could have been put to bed immediately, instead of causing more speculation. Thanks @dupeddonk for taking the time to explain in detail and for finally putting an end to these spurious allegations. I sincerely hope the p
  2. One of the things that absolutely piss me off is being ignored and not getting any answers to perfectly pertinent questions. Ignored == Eddie does this every Saturday on the giveaway stream. No answers == approx 60 hrs since this thread began and not a word from anyone in authority. One of the dev's was just on stake chat. chatting away there, having great fun. But when i asked him about this thread he acted like a tree and decided to leaf (leave). We're all grown up's here, so there's no need to bury our heads in the sand hoping it will go away. the longer it takes to g
  3. Team = Netherlands Player = Memphis Depay
  4. Nice explanation. I always assumed the higher number of decks, the more edge the house has. The house drawing on s17 also never crossed my mind at all. That's 2 Great points I have taken from this. There are probably more which I will absorb when I read it again while BJ is open. Thank you for a very informative post. Good Luck
  5. it's not something that i pay much notice to. Maybe I should pay more attention. But I would hate to think that a site that relies a great deal on provably fair, (and takes a lot of time & effort to reassure players on the integrity of provably fair), have system that doesn't work properly at best, or is abused & manipulated at worst. Hopefully an explanation will come sooner rather than later.
  6. Not exactly aimed at strats & more about proveably fair using 50/50. But I'm sure the mathematically minded could find a profitable strat from this..
  7. In fairness to Gdaddy3315 Chat was acting the bollox at the same time. One minute it was going about 200 Kmph which couldn't be read, next minute it was dragging so slow that it couldn't be read. I ended up switching the chat off. The time for blaming this on a ddos has long since passed There are loads of preventative sites out there (cloudflare etc) which work extremely well in preventing ddos specially if your site has been attacked in the past..
  8. I know what yer saying Fransman. I didn't run this to win anything or gain any profit. I ran this just to pass time. Win or loss was not a factor & (believe it or not) 70,000 spins is a very small sample in the scheme of things
  9. Hello, I'm usually one of the first to kick off during a bad run of luck, though, (on reflection) When I analyse my play its usually approx 95% my fault & 5% just pure bad luck. Had nothing to do today and a bit financially challenged so I decided to Have a closer look at Stake Dice 50/50 I ran a sample of around 70,000 spins at 50/50 & while it's not quite a big enough sample and my betting strategy might have been a bit on-orthodox, The results left me somewhat bemused. You can make your own mind up. hour 0-1 Played 50/50 @1satoshi hour 1-2
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