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  1. Kylie Minnogue Had me arrested about 25 years ago for selling luminous headbands outside her concert in Dublin. In court the next morning the judge laughed and gave me a caution. He also gave me back my gear which was confiscated at the concert ..
  2. I'm not sure if your assumptions are correct or not. The randomness and distribution of rain is a mystery to me and probably 99.99% of all other users. I've personally had experiences where I have missed all rains for a week or more, yet other times I have received 8-10 in a row (including 2-3 of the so-called high roller tips) I dare to imagine that the guys who are flooding the chat with small rains are doing so in the hope the bot recognises their names and includes them in the rain, and not to exclude others. As I commented above, the rain process is a mystery & I can't
  3. If Zero appears Alone it is nothing so cannot be either odd or even Are you saying that 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc are Not accepted on Telegram Games. Sorry Nenad, but your answer doesn't seem to be problem solved to me without you defining whether or not these numbers are accepted ??
  4. Zero can be Two things: Nothing & Even. If it appears as the first digit(s) in any number sequence it is nothing, zilch, nada etc. and discounted from any calculations, If Zero appears 2nd or last in a sequence it is even, as in; 10, 20, 100, 120. If Zero Appears as last number or 2nd last number after a decimal point, it will always be even unless the amount of decimal places are mentioned. Then the above should apply
  5. Monero would be My choice Many describe this coin as Bitcoin with all bugs and gremlins taken out
  6. I can't imagine leaving a game (specially slots) unfinished . Also if this was the case, Support would have been able to Identify this. But Thanks for trying to help. At least you gave a plausible possibility (unlike Support, who just didn't want to know)
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