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    Aww.. I'm out of popcorn !! Seriously though, 11mutes. Is there a challenge for who can collect the most ?? I have 1 mute for 1 hour & not happy with myself for getting in the position where the mod had to give it to me. Mods are very fair dude. Yes, sometimes the mods and I, don't see eye to eye on certain things, but I wouldn't go as far as to suggest that i'm being picked on. Ye wanna take a look at yerself dude. if i had 11 mutes i'd find some cupboard to hide in ! ! ! Grow up and put yer big boy pants on ! ! ! !
  2. A lot of hoops to be jumped thru there. Even Binance are unable to manage this, with the exception of very few countries & the client must first of all trade to his/her currency of Bank account. Unless Stake somehow evolves into a fully fledged massive multi-currency exchange, with legal teams for each currency, this would just be as (or more) difficult to manage as the world leading exchanges are struggling with.
  3. Legal In Ireland... if ye don't get caught... lol
  4. Don't play Original BlackJack. It will have ye cleaned out in a few minutes..
  5. If your a depositing player and don't catch rain or ask for tips, my post is for you rather than against you dude. YOU would do well to read posts before you attack the poster !
  6. Here's a classic example of how sites build a rod to Lash at their own back. Give a generous bonus for a promotion and people will expect it all the time !! I am By no means a high-roller & I'm certainly not a fan of the Stake hierarchy, most of them would be happy to see me go into hibernation & not come back out. But I say it as I see it: Chatbox is Always full of peeps asking for the next bonus as if it's a god-given right. A bonus is a bonus guys. treat it as it is; A Bonus... A promotion should be treated the same way; A Promotion.. If McDonalds ran a promotion if free fries with every Big Mac every Saturday for a month, then changed it it to free fries with every 2 Big Mac's, 99% of people would hardly even pass a remark on it. Why should Stake's bonus system be any different ?? In my opinion, Stake gives out too many bonus's to people who wage the minimum to qualify and then sit in chat the rest of the week collecting rain & tips, simply by making fake congratulation posts, knowing that sooner or later the rainbot will pick them out. Even worse, the complain if the haven't collect FREE coins in the last few hours.
  7. All numbers between 0.00 and 0.99 are represented by 1 in limbo. I'll figure out the odds later (it's something around 1 in 6 million), but you haven't broken any records. feckin typical.. can't even do that right.. lol
  8. had approx 8k autobets. Never once called it rigged i'm never sore about losing. But I am in total shock about how I lost it I calculate the odds on 9999 x 9999 x 9999 x 9999 maybe i'm counting wrong ?
  9. this would beat 15,000 losses in a row on 50% chance. I could have a better chance of getting 4 holes-in-one on 4 par 5's ffs
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