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  1. It would stop being a gamble then !! Besides, It would still be possible to feed you the wrong result (remember the sting) I would love to have the ability to Make politicians lose their clothes every time they tell a lie. But they would be unaware themselves that this has happened.. Would be damn funny seeing all these idiots wondering if they arenaked or not !!
  2. Excellent Idea, Number changes could be based on something similar to the 2fa clock, making it completely secret and not available to anyone until its hit. Like yourself, I would leave percentages etc to those who are in the position to arrange Good Luck
  3. There doesn't seem to be a support link on the website ? Chromebook won't allow me to download and test this app & I could use some advice Cheers
  4. Your cutting an awful lot of players out if you only count those with a minimum deposit. I probably will always meet those requirements, but anyone having a good month without having to deposit will be unfairly excluded. Perhaps giving coupons etc to Bronze VIP's and above would be fair on everyone. It would also give new players a realistic target to play for. If withdrawals were subjected to a (one-off) deposit level (say $25-$50) there would be no issue with reload farmers. Genuine Players would deposit (at least) this amount on their journey to Bronze VIP, opening up the remaining benefits, while reload farmers would probably never make the necessary deposits, nor would they make it to the Bronze VIP level.
  5. Personally, my thinking is that the average player has zero chance of winning the races as they stand now. Within 1 minute of almost every race starting, someone wagers approx 16-18 BTC, making it just about certain they will win the race. Others follow suit leaving the average players playing for the minor prizes only. Surely there has to be some way of making these races more equitable, giving average players a better chance ?
  6. Fantastic Idea & great to see that support has picked up on it so quickly.
  7. ByteMeTwice

    Doggie Style

    Sex between the wife and I, is an example of how to do it doggie style. I sit up and beg. She rolls over and plays dead.
  8. Daily reload looks fine to me. 10 minute reload was a tedious task which i kept on forgetting to claim
  9. Is there a version that is compatible with Chromebook ??
  10. Busted 4 times.. it was ok for a few spins, but wins weren't covering loses from previous spins (most of the time). Because balance was depleting, even with winning spins. It didn't take long to bust. this needs to be hitting at least 5 greens every couple of spins. Was worth a try nevertheless... Good Luck
  11. 4 weeks isolation done & 8 weeks to go, for me. Finding Stake to be a great way to relax and pass a few hours. my results so far have been mixed, but learning as i go along and enjoying the games. hope everyone's experience is as positive... Good Luck
  12. Keeps more people on the site playing instead of busting and having to wait a day (or even a week) to get back in the game..