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  1. Oh yes I'm playing on xrp right now on hilo hunt hitting these plus x100 multipliers and btc and eth for races but end up ripping.
  2. It depends on the game mode and strategy doesn't it?
  3. Thoughts on a tower game mode where it progressively increases bet with options of different levels and such? Would be fun on stake's house edge in my opinion.
  4. Yes I think this would clear it up with players from other places as well.
  5. I have recently noticed that PM messages are in wrong order and a reclick into the pm brings a more realistic order of messages however does not seem real.
  6. I am quite interested in the patterns that the hilo game can give out but calculating risk and percentages can be quite frustrating. What are some already calculated payout for some pattern?
  7. kaostriker

    Slot update

    I have been using small base bet like 1 percent or less and 5% increase on loss 13 lines works best for me
  8. baccarat both sides loss is 2%
  9. Yeah same how do you find this. But also I think they want you to check your email for the coupon because they send you offers and such through email from them as well it is basically a mailing list.
  10. Oh ok then I am merica and I just wanted to know as well how to earn btc on the forum.
  11. Are you a stake shill lol the odds does not make sense if you are going to lose trying to get a raffle ticket.
  12. kaostriker

    Slot update

    Are they going to introduce new features in slots like updated odds or new themes or new slot games?
  13. Hey how do you join the telegram challenges?
  14. Is there high traffic or is my internet bad because the site will lag a bit after trying to start each new game basically.
  15. What is stake introduction thread and why do I have to introduce myself?