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  1. HILO: 16,708,263,955 placed by taongam on 16/02/2020 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 12.4825x Profit 0.00114825
  2. I'm use auto for betting ,In 2x my red streaks is 28 and 3x my red streaks is 43 and my balance become is zero, yeah that is a part of gambling, and i'm not trying for betting with high payout ! And anyone can tell me in 4000x how many roll can reach the profit? Thanks for the answer !
  3. Sad news, i'm withdraw in zero, i hope i will get a big withdraw in another day !
  4. Same to you, but rain is random, don't worry about that ! ☺️
  5. Yes ! When we win we want win more , and when we lose we want to win, it's hard to leave !
  6. I like your thinking , should be play the game with fun!
  7. You're so true , but " Peoples dream will never stop " that is become richest so fast !
  8. Thanks for the info. This discussion can help more people.
  9. I play more betting platform but i standing with Stake. Stake is good for Loyal Players, no comment for this problem !