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  1. no man, youd get it terminated on both iirc
  2. a streak of third party games hitting 100x 5-6 times from 30 bucks to 10K, 10k to 0 in just a day. a whole fucking ride lmao
  3. honestly you made a huge good point. wagered almost 100k just for my 1 year of being in this site. which is way more than my savings, like my whole life savings. ayo, dudes gotta be happy for nothing but aye its fine for them
  4. honestly can't wait too! pre bonus was 10 cents for me
  5. was in debt of 500 bucks. took my last 300 bucks to gamble on stake, multiple games during my school hours(while I was in campus) made it up to 10K, in a couple of hours. and got to withdraw them all. thought I could pay my bills and shit after lost it all the day after. I was too greedy and stupid. im still recovering from this loss HAHAHA
  6. notken


    Full of haxors HAHAHA
  7. sometimes i hate my self doing thiat hahah
  8. Mines: 13181081249 x8 Roulette: 13180893720 x24 I feel proud but im fucking dumb im broke as hell. This way of gambling is very irresposible, I know i should'nt do this
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