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  1. https://clips.twitch.tv/ShinyBlindingGaurHotPokket
  2. I'm the right person to ask on the subject lol...It takes a lot of dedication and seed hunting.
  3. SLOTSSAMURAI: 27,039,505,787 placed by lespauls19 on 31/07/2020 Wagered 8.90241134 Multiplier 30.5x Profit 262.62113453 SLOTSSAMURAI: 27,096,509,776 placed by lespauls19 on 01/08/2020 Wagered 0.02414369 Multiplier 59.5x Profit 1.41240586 SLOTSSAMURAI: 27,131,679,590 placed by lespauls19 on 01/08/2020 Wagered 4.75355145
  4. Fuckin Yoink... SLOTS: 21,133,554,154 placed by lespauls19 on 27/04/2020 Wagered 0.00019646 Multiplier 756x Profit 0.14832730
  5. Hunting the insanity for a good few hundred dollar bankroll...then smackin it for a cpl thousand...thats how we do
  6. I seen it a lot recently
  7. I explained it pretty much as clear as possible haha....A statistics professor would be your next best resource on the topic
  8. It's all about going for a small risk low bet and watching the patterns waiting till you see a completely different pattern NOT hit for X amount of time
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