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  1. Payday
  2. Sad
    Cerdo96 reacted to kin77 in Service Community temp unavailable   
    I think you should be a moderator of the forum to pig, which helps people well ... also it does not smell too bad to be a pig
  3. Lame
    Cerdo96 reacted to Bojana in Chat Rules   
    Hello, Stakers!  
    As you already know, Stake has some new mods/community managers and we need to make their life a bit easier by implementing some basic Rules for you to follow and for them to be guided by. Each chat should have these and they should be followed if you want to be a valuable/respected member of the community.
    Don't spam, harass or be offensive to other users. Also, avoid using CAPS. Don't beg or ask for loans, rains, tips or doubling coins.  Don't use alternative accounts (alts) on chat, that is strictly forbidden. No suspicious behavior that can be seen as potential scam or abuse.  Don't engage in any forms of advertising/trading/selling/buying or offering services. No discussion of Twitch or any other similar platforms. Don't use URL shortening services. Always submit the real link.  Use the designated language channels accordingly.

    * Sub-rules and their further elaboration are given in the "Quote" below, so make sure to read that as well, for you to be fully informed on what is allowed on Stake chatrooms and what it prohibited.
    * Moderators/support members/admins and community manages save the right to implement the rules as they see fitting and corresponding to the given situation.
    * If player has been muted multiple times over the same offense, their mute time would be extended, and it would slowly end to the permanent disabling of chat privilege, especially if their behavior does not correct after multiple warnings/mutes.
    * Rules can be changed and adjusted based on the needs of the community.
    * For some more serious breaking of our chat rules, you may be muted without being previously warned.
    I hope that this post helped if you have any doubts concerning Rules implementation and that it will spare many of users from an unnecessary restrictions from our platform. If it hasn't, feel free to contact Live Support and any doubts would be clarified to you easily. 

    When and if you get muted, please, make an appeal on this SECTION here, and person who muted you would check it and review your case as soon as they are back online (24/48h). Thank you for your patience on this and please, do not make double-posts on that section, there is no need, you won't be replied sooner thanks to that.

    Thank you for choosing Stake, and welcome! Best of luck betting!¬†ūüćÄ
  4. Wow
    Cerdo96 got a reaction from Zamia2001 in What your favorite food?   
    This are elvers (babies of the eels) usually cooked with mushrooms or champignons and garlic. Its a pretty expensive food too, this goes around 800‚ā¨ kilogram in christmas.
  5. Love
    Cerdo96 reacted to Nenad in [FINISHED] Impossible to Possible III | Super KENO Hunt   
    Impossible to Possible (part) III  Ends: when all of the multipliers are hit! 
    Win one of the following multipliers with the additional tasks and get the corresponding prize:  (Done) 1. Prize: $120- Seraffim - Winner
    - Multiplier: 900x

    (Done) 2. Prize: $100 - jet007 - Winner
    - Multiplier: 800x
    - Last number in bet ID ending on ODD number

    (Done) 3. Prize: $80 - Waves - Winner
    - Multiplier: 710x
    - Last number in bet ID ending on EVEN number

    (Done) 4. Prize: $60 - swixx12 - Winner
    - Multiplier: 600x
    - Last number in bet ID has to be ZERO
    (Done) 5. Prize: $40 - paito - Winner
    - Multiplier: 500x
    - Last number in bet ID has to be FIVE
    (Done) 6. Prize: $20 - Cerdo96 - Winner
    - Multiplier: 350x 
    - Last number in bet ID has to be THREE 
    (Done) 7. Prize: $10 - marcos225 - Winner 
    - Multiplier: 270x
    - Sum of the last two numbers in bet ID has to be EIGHT
    (Done) 8. Prize: $5 - jyrus - Winner   
    - Multiplier: 259x
    - Sum of the last two numbers in bet ID has to be SEVEN
    *Note: - One win per one person!
                - Challenge will be paid when all of the payouts are hit!
     - If you wish to speed up the rolls, you can enable Instant bet, which you can find below the game's board.
    Minimum bet:  0.00000001  0.00000042  0.00000029  0.00000200  0.03500000  0.00042000  0.00490000  0.00003800 Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion. 10+ Post count on the forum.  
    How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in the image below)

  6. Haha
    Cerdo96 reacted to Brainy in Service Community temp unavailable   
  7. Thanks
    Cerdo96 got a reaction from m42z3c in Service Community temp unavailable   
    Yeah you are, is just the chat.
  8. Thanks
    Cerdo96 got a reaction from m42z3c in Service Community temp unavailable   
    I dont know they didnt say anything about it, but i guess in the next 3 hours.
  9. Thanks
    Cerdo96 got a reaction from m42z3c in Service Community temp unavailable   
    Nothing, stake has it disabled.
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