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  1. tuling


    i hope all currency will go up there value so the newbee will be having less time to reach the minimum wagered in order to join in the chat rooms
  2. i think for me they all have the talents in order to make a comeback i hope in the next game they must focus and do everthing to win the game and dont let greedyness to overcome them
  3. for me the better wallet is coins because i used my balance in my wallet for my load business
  4. my most memorable moment in stake is i busted all of my currency balance because of greedyness and i wont forget that moment it gives me leason
  5. well for me im happy to see some notification popping to my motification bell cuz makes me realize that im not just a nobody to stake community
  6. for me i would say that stake must create a slot game that makes them unique from other online gambling site
  7. first to last my favorite online casino game dice,mines,slots,keno,video poker,baccarat,crash,roulette,limbo
  8. tuling


    my favorite position is 1st 2nd 3rd 5th and 8th for me i give a satisfying performance to my partner
  9. yes i believe in karma i have several time im suffered karma #karma is real
  10. i think does not have any effect if you close the chat room for me i think the connection is low
  11. my unforgetable moments was i confessed my feelings to a girl support and she doesn't care hahaha
  12. tuling

    Why do you gamble

    i gamble it gives me fun and excitement
  13. for me i think in mines because the long you played the game is like they are analyzing your pattern
  14. for me i prefer in online because it's effortless and more convenience because i stay at home