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  1. PLINKO: 19,479,126,752 placed by Django023 on 31/03/2020 Wagered 5.00000000 Multiplier 24x Profit 115.00000000
  2. Well, there is absolutely no investment needed, setup cost you around 2 minutes to download and register in the app. (download directly from app store) and just press the mine button 1 time a day. The bot will just mine for you and you keep even mining when the phone is turned off.
  3. Hi guys, Yesterday I came across an android and IOS app called Pi Network. (link to appstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blockchainvault) Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network. To join Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/Django023 and use my username (Django023) as your invitation code. Through this app you are able to mine the Pi Coin, you can make a "security circle" with people you trust so the blockchain will always be
  4. KENO: 17,168,421,543 placed by Django023 on 22/02/2020 Wagered 8.00000000 Multiplier 81.5x Profit 644.00000000
  5. It could be your first roll or you will never roll it, depends just on luck
  6. I hope so, I like slot machines but this 1 isn't that amazing. I just like stake that's the reason I am coming here but it would be awesome if we get other slot machines
  7. Highest payout will be probably around 150x or something, never got lucky with nice big payouts
  8. Thanks for the calculation. I am a fan of slots and this is very useful information! Thanks mate
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