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  1. I can create whatever topic i want you. Its so funny the suggestions i get from posting a topic about hr vip challenge suggestions.. Thanks for your feedback
  2. some people like the challenges to get the top placements and the bonuses are a extra perk imo I just thing let the penny bettors have their challenges and HRs have theres Spell my name right first off, idgaf if a penny bettor gets a top spot im making a suggestion to the Mods to create more challenges for Slot king with higher Min bets they can still have the penny bettor slot changes too why is that, who the fuc are you the moral authority on bonus earnes gtfoh. That might be one of the stupidest comments ive seen in a while Please don't assume I'm a gentleman; worry about yourself, & read above to my replies Im suggesting to make a HR slot challenge weekly i stress nothing. I'm just sharing feedback & sentiment that i receive from over 2000 members in my chat & Also it's pretty impressive that you can diagnose if someone's angry via a forum message.
  3. Its kinda Dumb to call it VIP slots challenge when everyone and there mother can do it Also .20 cent bet limits are the DUMBEST min bets I think you should have Non vip 3rd party slot challenge & VIP slots challenge where min bets are $1.50 or $2 -$5 spins that way people that earn the big wins get the extra challenge prizes.. Just my thoughts P.S. Many people are not happy with the .20 cent bet min
  4. Demize Green do i have a VIP host?
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