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  1. DevoPromo

    Moon Coin Faucets

    I think they might have a partnership with faucethub but i prefer this way more
  2. DevoPromo

    Favourite Plinko Game

    Comment Down Below Whether You Like LOW / MEDIUM / HIGH and Number of pegs 8 -16
  3. DevoPromo

    Moon Coin Faucets

    Moon Coin Faucets What are moon coin faucets? - Moon coin faucets are a group of faucets, that allows you to claim free coins. Why moon coin faucets are so good - Moon coin faucets are very good because they are all hooked up to Coinpot which is a website that holds your currency from different faucet and mining sites, Coinpot coins can be easily withdrawn into a coin wallet of your choice. Extras - Referral Bonus > You can get up to 50% referral commission on all time faucets done by the person you refer. {Which is an awesome bonus} - Loyalty Reward > The more days you do a faucet on, the more loyalty bonus you get when withdrawing faucet. - Mystery Bonus > This is a random percentage of your faucet being payed on top of your faucet payment Example: If you had logged in for 19 consecutive days, you get 19% of whatever you faucet that day added onto your faucet withdrawal Moon Litecoin (Link without referral - http://moonliteco.in/) [Link with referral - http://moonliteco.in/?ref=0c80a13a13e7] Moon Bitcoin (Link without referral - http://moonbit.co.in/#) [Link with referral - http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=1bd6fbaed720] Moon Dogecoin (Link without referral - http://moondoge.co.in/) [Link with referral - http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=2d7e696edcd4] Moon Dash (Link without referral - http://moondash.co.in/) [Link with referral - http://moondash.co.in/?ref=7F2C7EC80653] Proof of moon faucets sending coins - https://gyazo.com/571955da54edba93959003eb60cdfd9a (It might not make you rich, but its great for making a little bit here and there, you dont need the page always up and running, and you can withdraw off of coinpot when you have a small amount of coins on your account which is great, it isnt like some sites where you need 200k-500k of the coin to withdraw) I would very much appreciate you using my affiliate codes because it helps me make a little more coin which I can then giveaway every so often. If you have read this far, put [DCG] in your comment and I might send a few of you a little reward
  4. LMao, tthis would be funny, because if this was implemented you would get a tip for having a suggestion to implement something new or fix a bug... so if they do implent it, you should techinically get a reward aswell
  5. DevoPromo


    OK sounds good, thank you.
  6. DevoPromo


    Why are tips not shown anymore? I left for about a week and came back to no tips being shown in chat. I loved being able to see all the people being nice in chat and also seeing how rich some people are, it was awesome. Just wondering why it isnt shown anymore or if there is a setting i need to put on to see tips in chat.
  7. DevoPromo

    Limited amount allowed for autobet

    This is a great idea, I wish this had been around before, i lost 340k by doing a dice where it doubled at loss and lost it all
  8. DevoPromo

    Cripto life

    Crypto currencies would never be able to take over cash, dollar bills and things of that nature is how countries work, thats how they feed on the population and inflation is how the government gets the funds needed for war(even though they have all the money ever needed because they could print more) But if you had cryptocurrencies running the world instead of cash, day to day people would be fine with it but the government would not be making any money or be able to control your money, which means governments would work together to get rid of the internet or put a ban on certain things over the internet.
  9. DevoPromo

    End of year bitcoin prediction!?

    If we do the math correctly and determine base on previous drops within the bitcoin price, within about 1-1.5 months the bitcoin will drop about 50%-75% making a bitcoin about 5-6 Thousand dollars, this is based on previous calculations done from basic stock differentiation and previous drops in bitcoin price history
  10. DevoPromo

    Rising Bitcoin Prices

    Good argument, i like the points you bring to the table. Lets hope for the best and our bitcoins are worth lots
  11. DevoPromo

    Rising Bitcoin Prices

    Rising Bitcoin Prices vv Down Below I Would Like Everyone Who See's This Post To Comment There Thoughts vv Well here are my thoughts Bitcoin price has gone up slowly over time and makes sense for how long its been but within the past 5 days, the bitcoin has gone from approx. $8,000 & is now worth approx. $10,900 I started using bitcoin on November 20th 2016 and back then i got transferred 0.01 of a bitcoin and back then I didnt think much of it, I thought hey.. its only like 10$ (Lets Spend It) That 0.01 of a bitcoin is now worth about 110$ USD. But I feel that within about 6-8 weeks, the bitcoin rise bubble will pop, recently within minutes the bitcoin would change about $200. This whole fluctuation is going to ruin the bitcoin community or make it huge and im scared that it might ruin it. If you are with me, cash out your bitcoin to paypal and wait a bit. This bubble will pop.