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  1. this is interesting. thank you mod for sharing this to everyone. ☺️😊 i may not be ablr to try this yet coz of low specs for laptop but i will surely do in the future .
  2. nice, congrats everyone
  3. it's quite risky for 98% winchance hut its true though that you can wager easily with this. but it's one time big time lose too.
  4. thanks for the strat , i will have a try , hope this strat works for me XD
  5. you'll get lucky soon just stay positive 😊😊😊 we still have 300+ days left for the year 2020. you will never know, you might get lucky in the middle of the year. ☺️😉
  6. i don't know but i like keno more than plinko.
  7. awts i missed this giveaway lol . till the next one though. goodluck to them who entered the giveaway and will win the 15th b bet 😊
  8. i actually don't play casino before and this is my first time but i am having fun , esp when i keep on hunting some numbers lol
  9. welcome here at stake. goodluck to you too have fun,
  10. i am too scared of using any strategy now tbh, ☹️ but on pd i always hunt 99x no matter what, but i am playing safely to avoid any bust. goodluck to your strat. hope it work well
  11. DICE: 13,351,118,548 placed by Muffin on 27/12/2019 Wagered 0.00000230 Multiplier 990x Profit 0.00227470 stake name : Muffin