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  1. Username: ElSuzette Thanks as always!
  2. Heya there! Let me introduce myself, I am ElSuzette (That's my stake username), 21 years old (turning 22 in a couple of days !) and I am also a nice, cool guy! So, how much time do I spend in the french chat every day? That's a though one, my Stake window is always opened, with the chat being constantly opened. Let's talk more in term of availability, I am usually connected from 6:30AM to 10PM (those may vary, especially during the week-end). What's the moderator's job? I'd say his primary role is to be fair, managing a community is NOT an easy thing to do and you can't do
  3. Username: ElSuzette Doghouse Thanks to the stake team
  4. Username: ElSuzette Thanks as always!
  5. Username: ElSuzette Blue Thanks Eddie and the stake team!
  6. Username: ElSuzette Thanks as always!
  7. ElSuzette Thanks as always!
  8. ElSuzette Red Thanks to the stake Team.
  9. ElSuzette Orange Thanks to the stake team.
  10. ElSuzette Thanks Stake team
  11. Username: ElSuzette Thanks Stake team
  12. Username: ElSuzette Thanks!
  13. Username: ElSuzette Thanks Eddie!
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