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  1. yes,, all gamblers do believe it would make them rich
  2. HILO: 40,541,393,065 placed by khee on 05/04/2021 Wagered 1.44600000 Multiplier 9.619889x Profit 12.46435956
  3. SLOTS: 33,125,647,328 placed by khee on 26/12/2020 Wagered 0.08800000 Multiplier 63.25x Profit 5.47800000
  4. i find it on facebook post of a friend
  5. since childhood,, my favorite was basketball,,, NBA...
  6. i do it a lot in auto mode,,just checking time to time....
  7. hate this crash game,, seems like he's only watching my bets,, when im not betting he goes up,,the moment i placed my bet even in 1.01x i lost,,wtf
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