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  1. i find it on facebook post of a friend
  2. since childhood,, my favorite was basketball,,, NBA...
  3. i do it a lot in auto mode,,just checking time to time....
  4. hate this crash game,, seems like he's only watching my bets,, when im not betting he goes up,,the moment i placed my bet even in 1.01x i lost,,wtf
  5. yeah , i also got one experience,, win all games on my multi bet but still losses the prize,,
  6. bet on games that you have great knowledge on it,, betting on games you really know nothing is suicide, for me i bet on nba games
  7. just hoping to win more haha.. really my target to become gold star atleast,,,
  8. happy new year all stakers,such a very live community ,,till nextyear guys!!!!!
  9. syempre the mother of it all.,, btc una ko ginamit at xrp
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