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  1. Hello ! I did not know ! It is great ! Today's rain I get tired of it a bit then I can't play anymore, there is only this rain ...🍀😀
  2. Bonjour, Que pensez vous du chat français ? Pour moi le chat français est bien mais depuis qu’ils ont enlevé les rains, je trouve que ce chat et beaucoup moins actif... Et toi que penses tu ?
  3. ZerTox_

    Instant bet

    Hey all ! The instant bet in dice is good for the race, I often use it for the race. I like instant bet
  4. My biggest multiplier on keno is x259, I put 4 numbers then I hit this. Keno is my favorite game !🍀😀
  5. ZerTox_

    Hi !

    Hello ! Welcome to the stake forum !!🍀😀
  6. ZerTox_


    Hello ! Welcome to the stake forum !! I wish you a lot of luck !!🍀😀
  7. ZerTox_

    Plinko 1000x

    Hello ! For me the plinko x1000 is almost impossible ... I made around 20,000 bets I did not have it ...
  8. Hello ! Keno is the best game to recover. It's very fast and efficient! But the dice can also be good for recover! Good luck 🍀😀
  9. Hello ! I had a lot of good time on stake but there is one I will remember. It was when I was 0.5 eth I was very proud but I lost them ... Good luck to all 🍀😀
  10. Bonjour, Le forum de stake est pour moi utile car cela permet de discuter mais aussi de s’enrichir. Puis avec l’arrivée du forum français c’est encore mieux Good luck to all 🍀😀
  11. Hello ! Happy new year to you. I wish all of you great wins at stake, lots of bitcoin🍀💸. Obviously, a lot of happiness and success. 2020🎉
  12. Hello ! The best game on the site, in my opinion, will be dice. The dice is very good for recover what I lost, but do not make the dice because after a while ca rip. Good luck to all 🍀🎉
  13. Hello ! I prefer to play doge because it is easier to climb and it is especially more fun ! Good luck 🍀😀