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  1. Wanna copy bets dont do any good bets on sport.
  2. Been their, when im bored i always think hilo. Cant even get rid of it out of my mind. Because when i was playing hilo for the first time i made a huge payout, thats why i been hook up with hilo since then. Thats why i want to be banned on hilo. Cant stop even if im loosing all my coins.
  3. If their is a way that you might get banned on a single game that would be great so that you can play other games than the one you been addicted to play. Everytime i deposit i always end up playing Hi-lo, even though it makes me lose all my deposit. If there was, i would like to be banned on Hi-lo. Lol
  4. Yes, now hilo is hard to predict. Good luck too
  5. Thats not it, played this game alot. When i got high multi then game will lag, base on my experience. When it does log on high multi then it will lose. You cant even continue for long. Thats how hilo works, i guess. The king and ace just got low, not like before its 16x now its 12x.
  6. Yung phone ng kapatid ko kasi invite ko sya, tip ko pero nabanned.
  7. I usually play hilo on stake, cant even try any games if i got some balance. I noticed that Hilo has some issues like laggy then lose. Skip then lose. Not like 2019 more predictable and can manage to get the pattern. But now its more like will consume your balance instantly. Dont know but Hilo rigged me over and over.
  8. Sometimes i experience hilo so laggy when it comes on skipping. Then most of the time it gives more red when skipping. The laggy part is so annoying.
  9. Nakaka-banned po ba ang pag tip sa dipa nakapag wagered ng 100$? Just tried po sa kapatid ko permanent banned na.
  10. I kindda loving making profit and sometimes losing alot but im happy to play. ^_^^_^^_^
  11. EarnFree


    Ohh hi☺️ just made my first introduction too.
  12. Hi there. Kindda boring saying this to you all but who cares right? Im EarnFree, i just recently love gambling. Love making profits and earn more in a day. Im a boyish girl. Love technology and crypto currency. Good luck in every bets pips.