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  1. This is the only one i want to play because its very easy to double your money
  2. STAKE CHANGE OUR LIVES Stake can change you from nothing to better life and better life to nothing. Because of stake now i am addicted but i want to say to you that its just a game and dont waste your bunch of money for this kind of intertainment. spend your time with your family and happy holidays.
  3. thankyou for your all comment guys i wish you all have a happy holidays spend all your time with your family 😊
  4. I think many of the gamblers have to make an effort to go to the casino but because of stake we have much more time to stay home with a family but there is also a bad side, because of the stake our emotion are rapidly change in just a minutes.and thats why many of the gamblers had a problem with their family,and it hurts to think that for the money they want many of the gamblers have a broken family,For the end of these article i just want to say that the stake is created for intertainment just enjoy the game and dont waste your whole day to this site,Go to your family and talk to them the
  5. I have not tried yet. I think it just hard to admit it if youre the one who experiencing it.
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