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  1. Rbske Best of luck everyone! Happy birthday!
  2. LSD by far. Weed a close 4th. Happy trippy
  3. Hunger games cuz I'm trying to catch this flame. I'm watching that too really good show.
  4. I won the seed choice once, but he didn't make money that day. He still hooked me up with 100xrp
  5. Best of luck. It's nice he's increased the number of capable winners.
  6. I'd drop the multiplier and increase the %, I think the odds increasing helps hit a number sooner.
  7. Table tennis is a quick cash grab, I liked league but they can go on for a while. I like playing fast.
  8. Your slots profile pic is neat, how'd you do that?
  9. attack on titan season 2 is here finally!