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  1. I think 9900x is not so hard. As I remember I have taken 9900x but my bet was nothing more than 100 satoshi. Try to catch this multiplier by using 1 satoshi bet, for example. After 20k bets you should be the lucky or 120k As for me, more difficult is 1Mx in Limbo)))
  2. @Edward Excitement is an emotional state that is distinguished by a very strong interest in what is happening and a stubborn desire to continue. Nobody told me how to control my passion)))
  3. If you think like that, you will never win the jackpot Approx. 10 million bets with 100 satoshi...
  4. 5000x in Plinko with 0,5LTC profit.
  5. Or earnings like a bank, for example, 0,01% per day from deposit ammount.
  6. I think that all users getting started with mines because it's the simplest game And thanks for useful information. let's go to learn)))
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