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  1. It's authorization tokens.
  2. Satoshi

    I finally hit it!

    for Stake I think too even you will changing your seed everytime For hitting big profit you needed to playing by the forum sats only it's a great banner for the refferals)))
  3. Satoshi

    Hi Guys..

    Hello, and have a nice playing and keeping lucky
  4. 5000x in Plinko with 0,5LTC profit.
  5. Good lucky and wish to catch 1000000x in Limbo
  6. Satoshi

    I finally hit it!

    From forum sats only...
  7. Satoshi

    A bet to the moon!

    Unbelievable... To make no scruples about lying Ahahaha. Usually to win two you need to lose 10... A lot of players began to complain about constant looses... and a "common" players began to hit big profit i.e. a stuff players? Ahahaha
  8. Satoshi

    I finally hit it!

    I'm lost approx. 1 ETH for trying to catch a 100000x multiplier with more than 30k bets but you from forum sats... You are lucky very much and you should go to really Casino and hit the big Jackpot for sure. Congrats for really lucky short.
  9. I'm not sure that you are asking for a discount in the supermarket on last year's coupon. Wink-wink. Here is The Casino, because of it the a lot of people who can use this coupon is limited.
  10. Excitement is comparable to the disease. I also always think that I’ll win and set up x2, x2... as spellbound until to lose everything. I think you need to try to do the limit by yourself. For example, today I'm ready to lost 1 BCH tell yourself. It will be first step to decrease disappointment your's. P.S. Advises about bet reduction don't help)))
  11. Good luck! And wish to catch the 1000000x multiplier in Limbo.
  12. In old version I liked the Chartbet and look forward to coming in the new one✌️
  13. Good lucky and catch the zero in Roulette for sure