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  1. Love
    Satoshi got a reaction from Mikehoncho in Set Realistic Goals   
    @Edward Excitement is an emotional state that is distinguished by a very strong interest in what is happening and a stubborn desire to continue. Nobody told me how to control my passion)))
  2. Thanks
    Satoshi got a reaction from ceastem in I finally hit it!   
    From forum sats only...
  3. Sad
    Satoshi got a reaction from ceastem in I finally hit it!   
    I'm lost approx. 1 ETH for trying to catch a 100000x multiplier with more than 30k bets but you from forum sats... You are lucky very much and you should go to really Casino and hit the big Jackpot for sure. 
    Congrats for really lucky short.  
  4. Payday
    Satoshi reacted to ceastem in I finally hit it!   
    LIMBO: 3,831,317,981
    placed by ceastem on 20/03/2019
    0.00000010 Multiplier
    1000000x Profit
    0.09999990 although i was using my sats from forum till it ran out 5 minutes before i got this
    oh well at least i managed to hit it haha
  5. Thanks
    Satoshi got a reaction from firenine in My 1st Royal Flush   
    firenine congrats with gold hands The next one is 1000000x multiplier in Limbo)))
  6. Thanks
    Satoshi reacted to Carollzinha in Looking for Turks, Russians and Portuguese Users   
    I am looking for some Turks, Russians and Portuguese users to check our Stake v2 translations in a closed site before we release it into the official Stake site.
    If you are able to speak fluently any of these languages and want to help us please send me a private message. Picking up to 5 users for each language.
    Speak Turkish, Russian and Portuguese fluently Understand English (specially to read + write) Can't use AdBlock (or if you use then you need to turn it off for the test site) Some tips can be send as payment for those that help us out but for that we want you to check the whole language translation and point some typos you may find and even the things you liked. Translations reviews must be submited directly to my Telegram @Carollzinha as a .txt file (preferible) but in case you can't use Word or Notepad is ok to send as a normal telegram message as long as you don't overwhelm me with lots of 1 line messages please   Everyone that submit a review will have its IPs checked with Support to know if they really are from the languages they are checking or if they are just trying to abuse from this opportunity to get the tips. Also no people that have forum or site warnings (including mute) are allowed.  
    Want to give it a try? Send me a PM here on forum in order to get started. Telegram messages will only be accepted in the next step, when you will submit your reviews.
  7. Thanks
    Satoshi got a reaction from KiXxnTRiXx in Old or New   
    In new one version we can skip a card in the set if we are not sure about it. In old version noting any skips.
  8. Wow
    Satoshi got a reaction from cottonbudd in Limbo or Dice?   
    "You should using more probable multipliers with low bet's value," they always said me. But I didn't listen to anyone and constantly lost my balance
    But if you have winned 9900x in Dice, all the advices immediately fall away There is a Casino
    Ussually I use Limbo for catching 100000x))) But nothing any profit by this day. But in Hash we Trust)))
  9. Haha
    Satoshi reacted to laron in Will bitcoin still be the same if the creator isn't anonymous?   
    Satosi lol is now here, how are you Satosi? thank you for creating cryptocurerncy thanks to you i have income 😃
  10. Haha
    Satoshi got a reaction from skillex in Will bitcoin still be the same if the creator isn't anonymous?   
    Here I am... Price will be rise up to 5000$ to the middle of this year.
  11. Love
    Satoshi got a reaction from Bojana in 💝 [0.1 BTC] Be Mine! | Mines challenge!   
    MINES: 2,904,563,070
    placed by Satoshi on 12/02/2019
    0.00003000 Multiplier
    404.1050109863281x Profit
    MINES: 2,934,196,789
    placed by Satoshi on 13/02/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    404.1050109863281x Profit
  12. Thanks
    Satoshi got a reaction from Flan in 📢 Dark forum theme released   
    As I understand most players have playing at the night. And dark theme will be by the way.