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  1. Not yet.. all the Diamond Poker and the dice contest challenge will end on January 25th, 7:00 UCT
  2. @Han2x Here are links so that you will not end up on scam apps, these are 100% legit and paying apps.. Claim Free Bitcoin https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tech.jplabs.bitcoin&hl=en_GB Wheel of Satoshi https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.claimbitcoinnetwork.wos Satoshi Slots https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.claimbitcoinnetwork.sst official twitter account (you should follow them) @cbitcoinnetwork
  3. Nice! I've been using that strategy before and thanks for letting us know that there is a name for the strategy "Delayed Martingale". Yeah as other says, we still needs luck. But when its your lucky day, this strategy really works..
  4. I do like the 5-bomb settings.. high chance of winning but still needs luck. After I claimed my faucet, mines is the first game I will play; then when I reach 100 sats, I will increase my bet to 10 sat (still at 5-bomb), I am will increase my bet every now and then.. after I reach around 500sats, I will now transfer to plinko/chartbet then busted all my earnings. haha. its how gambling works.. not everyday is a lucky day,
  5. @gougou thanks for sharing that here.. YES those apps are legit and really paying, they even added a coins.ph payment for Filipinos, and what I love about the developers are they are very active on Twitter (@cbitcoinnetwork) and always remember to follow them on social media and dont forget about the Crazy Hour on each app.
  6. you are really good at this, and fast! @Ashleyyyyy grats!
  7. wow @stimubate you deserved it! its just like Gary really on a rocket on that one! Hoping for more soon! cheers!
  8. Nice post @Mrboss If ever, I will withdraw the 0.50 BTC and buy blue chip stocks for a long term. then the 0.30 BTC I will transfer it to my Bitcoin wallet and I will HODL it for 5-10 years.. the other 0.20 BTC I will gamble it here on stake.. I might hit that very rare 1000x on plinko!
  9. I think @AdamLevine got it! unfortunately @Ashleyyyyy put 2 names in one comment.. lets wait @ravenyvolle2 for the announcement
  10. My number one fav is "Pizza Bianca" as quoted via Shakey's Pizza site: "Pizza Bianca -> Creamy white sauce topped with natural cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, flavorful ham, button mushrooms, sprinkled with chopped green bell pepper and premium grated parmesan cheese."
  11. James Harden of the Houston Rockets