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    Tuesday Roll Hunters¬†ūüíį¬†[8]
    Starts : 28/01/20 (00.00 GMT +0) - Ends: 28/01/20  (23.59 GMT +0) or All Roll Hunts completed!
    Minimum bet amount:  : 0.00000005  : 0.00000245  : 0.00000775  : 0.16000000  : 0.00000170  : 0.00165‬000  : 0.0265‬0000  Bets have been made after the beginning of this promotion, **Use via reply if you get another rollhunt! You can ONLY SUBMIT ONE BET ID in one thread. Just don't use EDIT Thread here or your winning not counts.** << If your post getting merged, it's okay. Having forum account that linked with Stake account (guest Forum accounts are not eligible).  1 valid entry per household, Hidden bets mode should be disabled when you want to link your bets on this thread, The prizes will be paid to accounts on which the winning bet was made and for the first one to finish single rollhunt. One user can win up to 3 rollhunts! In case of tie, winners are determined by the: Bet IDs Challenges:
    You can click below if you want to know what roll hunts you should do.
    I will be giving 8 rollhunts for the first.
    Another 8 rollhunts will be appear after 12 hours this thread being created.
    Note : 
    Q : Why I'm doing 8 rollhunts each 12 hours?
    A  : For me, wasn't good for people that can't participate by the time issues, so that is my reason that I will be making 8-8 rollhunts for now, but if that still not enough, I will be doing 4-4-4-4 rollhunt instead. 
    If you having another suggestion, please let me know  
    Prize Pool Distribution:
    First guy that finish the rollhunt will win the prize. Second winner excluded, so make sure to read requirements correctly and look people's bets, if they are mistaken on their bets or made wrong bets, it is your chance to win it  One rollhunt prize: 0.0001 - You can win three times for the maximum prize pool! (0.0003  ) How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor (mandatory). 
    (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in the image below.)
    You can giving screenshots to make people easier to read, if you already done the challenge (optional).
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