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  1. i got scammed plenty of times back in 2018 but i 've learnt my lesson, some no life people still trying to scam people and they get fun out of it i dont get it bro.
  2. Your question doesnt even make sense, how could you consider a thing help people that kill people when consumed.
  3. if you guys could host some of the well known game tournaments, that would be dope, for example CSGO Tourney 1v1 or 5v5 and top 3 winners/teams get prize.
  4. never played with bitcoin before, its probably because of the value of bitcoing being the most expensive crypto money
  5. i've been through this situation earlier and i've decided to never take loans to gamble with the money, its just no sense and unhealthy at all so not recommended...
  6. well im not really into it but i've seen eth/btc go up recently so this should be a right time to invest in, it still doesnt change the fact that its all risky
  7. -kieranlushi I WISH YOU A LOVELY DAY MR.EDDIE
  8. kieranlushi


    i never got lucky on keno, i see people hitting 500x multipliers but when it comes to me i cant even hit 81x but hopefully i'll hit a huge multiplier.
  9. -kieranlushi -previous color was red -have a lovely day everyone
  10. poor connection is a real pain in the ass brother it makes me break my monitor sometimes.
  11. why would you guys need a hilo bot ? you have to track the all round while its happening.
  12. kieranlushi Today's color is '''''RED''''' i wish you a lovely day Eddie
  13. -kieranlushi -THE NEWEST COLOR IS NOW ''''BLUE'''''''BLUE'''''''BLUE'''''''BLUE'''''''BLUE'''''''BLUE'''''''BLUE'''''''BLUE'''''''BLUE''' The previous color was green -I wish you a lovely day Dear Eddie
  14. kieranlushi Greennn love yaaa ❤️❤️