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  1. Best of good luck everyone and MUCH LOVE TO EDDIE AND HIS CREW ❤️ username : kieranlushi 'RED' 'RED''RED'
  2. best of good luck ❤️ username : kieranlushi '''''PURPLE''''
  3. one love for you all ❤️ best of luck everyone ❤️ username: kieranlushi ''''MAROON'''''
  4. Best of good luck stakers username: kieranlushi PURPLE!
  5. BEST OF GOOD LUCK STAKERS ❤️ username : kieranlushi morgana
  6. best of good luck everyone and much love to Eddie and his crew username: kieranlushi green
  7. kieranlushi BEST OF GOOD LUCK ❤️
  8. -kieranlushi MUCH MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL ❤️
  9. one memory i would never ever forget is there is that guy won giveaway 3 times in a row and people's reaction were crazy -kieranlushi -REST IN PEACE STAKE DISCORD.
  10. i got scammed plenty of times back in 2018 but i 've learnt my lesson, some no life people still trying to scam people and they get fun out of it i dont get it bro.
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