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  1. Cyprescille Hoping this time 😁😜💕✌
  2. Becomes bad day everyday to me after many updates happened... When i first came in stake, the site was really good.. Then it began updating from time to time and i noticed it was really hard to hit even once.. Always straight reds to bust.. And it stayed that way.... 😔
  3. I want to have the power of jean grey in x-men when she turned to phoenix, so i may be able to punish all rude and bad people who will do bad things to others 😂
  4. I dont have specific favorites, i just ate any food that is delicious to my taste 😋
  5. Philippines #ProudPilipina ☺
  6. I saw it on ads then i signed up...
  7. Hourly reload is much better than every 10 minutes reload for me...