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  1. Biggest tip was $90 from a stranger and $600 from someone special 😍
  2. Cyprescille Hope the luck continues here, thanks in advance 😘
  3. Yes, i've been muted once, since i joined stake, not just muted but "perm mute" because of false accusation. I was accused for being an alt of some player where in fact im not. Two kind supports helped me to unmute my account after showing/giving them all the proof that they want. 😊
  4. Cyprescille 😘 Hoping again 😁
  5. Hello damjans. Welcome! 😊
  6. Cyprescille Waiting for miracle here πŸ˜‚
  7. Cyprescille Hoping for some luck today 😊
  8. Hi there! Welcome to stake community! 😊
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