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  1. Hello why i never win like a get Free bonus while im playing, only get multiplayer like 2x 0.4x or else its never happen get free spins ughhh
  2. Ya tergantung gan, Kalau lagi kebawa emosi bisa untung bisa buntung Kalau base bet agan 0.0001 si Co aja gan hahaha Ya untuk iseng iseng aja gan kalau lagi bete deposit tak kunjung satang hahaha
  3. Yeah , 0 bet actually i play for fun when doesnt have some coin/balance Goodluck to you buddy! may you will hit that like me
  4. Hallo semua ini adalah Rekor terbesar saya ketika bermain Di game Hi-lo Saya cukup bilang game ini lebih menarik dari pada game lainnya ketika anda Ingin Multiplayer anda inginkan Atau total cashout dari base bet
  5. Hallo gan Perkenalkan Saya member baru dari situs ini Salam kenal Semua
  6. Hello guys, This is my big record while do manual when im bored
  7. Hello, Thankyou Neich Haha i hope i can win some bucks in here, i cannot talk in chat They said need waggered 100$ first haha whats that mean pay per post?
  8. Haha, i dont know Much about this site also this forum, I just checked around my account and found Forum, But i hope in 2020 will be new feature by the games
  9. Hello Guys, I was new member i know this site by Gambler in youtube and this is interesting by this site, Hello friends!🙏