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  1. And keno will be done with live draw...
  2. I won it in like 14 bets idk if i was super lucky or its rly not that hard to win it.
  3. I don't want to argue with you but just think about it... It would be pretty damn stupid for the casino to be set up so admins or developers or even owners can manipulate games then any of us could cheat the house for personal gains. It's just not how it works. And with provably fair in place it makes it nearly impossible to even set it up like that. Read about provably fair you will understand.
  4. And no ofc devs cant access seeds, it would be pretty stupid to allow that, every dev could cheat on the casino they are working for then. This is how long it took me to win it lol super easy . Sorry guys I just had to do it to Milan its inside thing, I had to beat his 'super hard' giveaway
  5. If you know anything about provably fair you should know that its impossible to manipulate games. Not even admins not owners not developers can do that on stake. This was just pure luck and well my insane skilz ofc
  6. 2nd prize is not that bad ... I mean get used to play for 2nd because nobody can beat me
  7. I don't see that anywhere in the rules ... I usually don't join but i had to do this one just to show you all how big of the noobs you are and for Milan for saying its VERY VERY hard to win this one haha.
  8. Ez win... Milan this giveaway was way too easy I won it after just 12 hands of blackjack Am I rly that lucky? Username: Mladen Blackjack:158,026,166 placed by Mladen Wagered: 0.00100000 Payout: 2.00x Profit: 0.00300000
  9. You guys have done a great job with some of those avatars
  10. Mladen

    Mines Creatives

    You guys doing great job with this one . Mines are such a fun game.
  11. Mladen

    Bitcoin record!

    10000$ for this year is pretty damn amaizing
  12. That is the reason i love it. U can go up a lot and it can crush you in an instant
  13. For me HILOW is the best. It is a fast paced game with constant excitement.
  14. We have so many communication channels it's very hard to keep them all updated. But I will definitely try to focus more on this forum. I haven't been active here at all.