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  1. Reso1utionS

    Sex or gambling?

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  8. "which is why a return of <100% makes sense for a win that is placed on Bank." agree with you
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  11. Agree since it depends on your love of gamble and sometimes not on the money. However we gamble to earn the money only for our purpose and that's all. I definitely prefer to receive a bonus when I gamble and when there is a chance for instant withdrawal It's great! Oh btw not so long ago I've received a cash on my Visa card and it was nice since it was from the casino. Btw here it is https://kiwigambling.co.nz/ . It has all pros that I've mentioned above..
  12. Nope, I am just using my love for a soccer and even if I loose I think that it's my personal deccision to choose this or other team on which I've puted bet. Btw not so long ago I've won a bet on the source https://sportsbobet.id which is great, since it gives opportunity to withdraw money instantly so it is great for me (and generally in that situations when I don't have money to return). Not so long ago I started to look another source of win, does anyone knows where can I find it? To double my income...
  13. Now is time to buy btc and in a fututre you'll need to buy big pockets for your money