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  1. Yofundme

    Discord Giveaways

    How do I get on discord channel?
  2. I’d have to say I’ve had the most success with Plinko or hi-low. bacarrat Here feels like it’s designed to make me crazy. I never win. same with Dice
  3. Can anyone clarify how these work? I don’t understand
  4. They wanted to make it rain 🌧 ☔️ 😅 happy hump day all 😬
  5. This is one of 2 things.. an outlier or an outright liar.
  6. Wow that’s so lucky! Congrats to the winner
  7. We need some performance enhancers on isle Bacarrat
  8. What are the fees on the exchange? Like to withdraw via an Altcoin?
  9. I don't really understand how the telegram challenges work. Help?
  10. Thank you!!! that's great news I was wondering why that wasn't an option
  11. Sorry - I meant to include a poll with my post. If mod could delete my previous post that would be super Thoughts on Live Dealers?
  12. My luck has been Ying / Yang. If only I could manage to cash out before the Yang kills the Ying..