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  1. Haha
    dondie21 got a reaction from Zamia2001 in Love life   
    Have u ever met ur love ones here or u met a special someone while u playing stake that u not expected that the some member here make u smile and make ur day happiness and give you inspired while playing game here...
  2. Haha
    dondie21 got a reaction from luhar in Help me, please   
    I dont why stake doing very complicate the easy to to help withdraw ...i asking last time to witdraw my forum satoshi ..u checked my accnt gen u told me that need to make it .0001 to withdraw a d now im back i asking again to help me tp withdraw because i rwach the .0001 and so on. And now u will tell me tgat hit the transfer whta it means omg
  3. Wow
    dondie21 got a reaction from Shehza in Happy eastern everyone   
    Happy Easter
    As you celebrate Easter, may you
    remember God's perfect love for all mankind,
    and may that love fill you
    with hope for all the days to come.Let your heart be glad,
    shout with joy and celebrate this great day.
    Easter is here, and so is new life and hope.
    Have a Blessed EasterJesus loved you so much that he laid down his life to
    spend eternity with you!
    Wishing you a blessed Easter.
  4. Love
    dondie21 reacted to sahil777 in Quarantine Extended   
    yes extended in most of countries, becuse few researchers said that its not going anywhere and its not going to end soon, it can be more deadly if people dont took safety precautions, so i think its better for world to stay in quarantine for little more time.
  5. Love
    dondie21 reacted to reebox in No Age Gap for understanding   
    age has no effect in gambling, everyone feels the same and the main goal can benefit so everyone only cares about profits without looking at the age of someone who is in gambling.
  6. Love
    dondie21 reacted to jamesbond in For you what. CurrencyGetLucky   
    Usually I feel lucky when I win BTC and I am currently red in every coin on stake except BTC, so I also feel this is the lucky coin for me.  Playing with BCH also brings luck for me, played with so many times before and wagered quite good with it, made a few good withdraws with it and thats what make BTC and BCH my lucky coins here. 
  7. Love
    dondie21 reacted to marcos225 in Rainbot favoritism??   
    I don't think it favourites anyone but sometimes I get double tipped from it which is just chance 
  8. Thanks
    dondie21 got a reaction from marcos225 in Rainbot favoritism??   
    Can i ask about rainbot i try to private messagethe rainbot if im muted or what because i never recieve a rain free coins and if u have a favoritism or only whatbuw nat to give rain. Cxoins its ok just remind me to dont be hoping for u to beg to have...
  9. Love
    dondie21 reacted to marcos225 in No different as bronze to silver member   
    Yeah the only real benefit from silver is the $50 even at gold it's only $100 I guess the real perks will be at plat 1 when you get access to daily rakeback. But it's a pretty big milestone around 150k wager
  10. Love
    dondie21 reacted to JacksonPalmer in 1 Month No Rakeback claim Challenge   
    I really like that idea and concept. It also inspired me to do the same thing. I feel like it will be way more rewarding and satisfying to collect a big amount before claiming the rakeback, compared to getting it as fast as possible all the time. looking forward to more updates from you
  11. Thanks
    dondie21 reacted to marcos225 in 1 Month No Rakeback claim Challenge   
    Good luck it shouldn't be too hard to achieve 
  12. Bitcoin
    dondie21 reacted to Aiza824 in No different as bronze to silver member   
    The rakeback is higher and you will get bonuses more often, but your word honestly holds true- the benefits aren't really getting far as if you only had bronze unless you hit Gold/Platinum where everything really steps up, not to even mention the reloads. Are you trying to chase the VIP levels? As early as now, don't try to. The effort will not be worth it. Just enjoy the game and play normally as you should be.
  13. Love
    dondie21 reacted to dchan in Convid-19 idea to dissapear   
    Stay at home.Wash your hand often. Eat healthy food to fit your health.Dont be scary . 
  14. Love
    dondie21 reacted to Ragas in Convid-19 idea to dissapear   
    Stay at home and always keep clean inside the house
  15. Love
    dondie21 reacted to evet in Convid-19 idea to dissapear   
    I believe people are still researching on how to cure and kill the virus, the best thing we can do right now is to do social distancing to prevent the virus from spreading further. For the virus to spread, it needs a carrier since it's not airborne. 
  16. Love
    dondie21 reacted to evet in Fun Race (play For Cause)   
    Actually a good idea, but I guess this isnt the right place for that. There are lots of foundations for donations and such. The thought is good though. Thanks for the good intention.
  17. Love
    dondie21 reacted to 2tj9 in Fun Race (play For Cause)   
    stake can give 0,1% of every bet in charity or something like that, they can donate easily 10,000$ in 1 day
  18. Love
    dondie21 reacted to Bitcoin2048 in Convid-19 idea to dissapear   
    stay at home
  19. Love
    dondie21 reacted to Bimfo in Rainbot favoritism??   
    There is no favoritism with Rainbot. Please . It selects the people that wins randomly depending on your rolls and the way you communicate in Chat. If you spam or message it, it will not choose you, and that is where the problem lies?
    Why do you have to message the rainbot. This is a gambling site, not a charity center. You have to deposit to play. Why are you waiting for the rainbot. There must be something wrong. Please and please try and deposit and win something rather than waiting for rainbot or rain.
  20. Love
    dondie21 reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in Rainbot favoritism??   
    Ah come on, rainbot can not be manipulated. I never messaged rainbot but got rains 3-4 times I guess. Don't message it. Be active in chat passionately and wager at the same time. These things increase your chance to grab a rain, whether it's rainbot or a player raining. And if you get a rain from rainbot, don't thank it or something like that. It might get you muted. Just keep on rolling while having fun in the chat. Who knows, maybe rainbot will pick you next time.
  21. Love
    dondie21 reacted to wyj1306 in Rainbot favoritism??   
    I see many new people with this same problem, and support always says the same thing, that there is no problem and it is just bad luck, but I think it is strange that someone goes months without receiving rain and it is because they are unlucky, something must be wrong or there must be a requirement to start receiving that they don't speak to anyone.
  22. Love
    dondie21 reacted to Ali saher in Rainbot favoritism??   
    I think rainbot work rondom and if you're not received rain then maybe in your settings not good you change your setting . I also some time received some time not received.
  23. Love
    dondie21 reacted to sahil777 in Rainbot favoritism??   
    lol hahaha rainbot is bottttt dont you know what is bot ? if you know then why message rainbot lol, and rain distribution is random, if you are not getting rain then go to your settings and check prefrences, if you hide your stats and gambling you cant get rain, unhide everything and you will get it.
  24. Love
    dondie21 reacted to jamesbond in Rainbot favoritism??   
    My last rain was in December so it is more than 3 months now since I got anything from rainbotNG or even rains from users, but I dont think its favoritism, but still I think it might be some bug to miss some users for a long time.  Previously I was getting rains frequently when I am active in chat and wagering and sometime I even get rains when I am not active in chat, but now wagering doesn't seem to be the criteria, I think it is just chatbox, more active in chat, more chances to get it.  So be more active in chat and you might be rewarded soon.
  25. Love
    dondie21 reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in Rainbot favoritism??   
    What? Hiding stats isn't a matter. My stats are hidden. My bets were hidden too (not now). But I still got rains. Only chat activity and wager counts for rains.
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