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  1. I was playing Crush on auto mode like this: 1.25x cash out , base bet: 0.0002050 eth, on lose ad 400%. See the prtsc At a point this happend: 1 bet base bet: 0.000205 eth crash: 14,189,831,673 hash: 41766841576071d8a0907b61f6d2ec3ea66eb8468e6456f1a71b7ac637bcae47 seed: 0000000000000000001b34dc6a1e86083f95500b096231436e9b25cbdd0075c4 result 1.02 bet at 1.25 x lose 2 bet base bet: 0.005125 it should be 0.001025 eth crash: 14,189,845,624 hash: b610645707bd4482579fac476ed31ebe4183c6095cf6e413dc4a7aa2f15a1ee0 seed: 0000000000000000001b34dc6a1
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