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  1. Unfortunately I really got big loss so I would start a new strategy for this game
  2. I want to know what are your discovered techniques and tricks that can give more ideas to our new members.
  3. For me it's better on casino as it gives higher odd than sports bet, but sports bet can be an easy to win if you sure that your team or player is better than it's competitor
  4. Para sa akin, if gusto niyo ng easy money ay mas maganda sa casino doon ay ma popokus mo ang iyong ginagawa, if busy ka naman ay maganda ang sportsbet dahil pwede mo syang iwanan at hayaan
  5. How about give some starting balance to a new stake account, like 1k satoshi to make them interested and gives more attractiveness to advertisements
  6. As of now, I loss a lot on scam site, but I come on stake to try different casino games. What is Your most unforgettable casino experience?