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  1. I always seen every surprisingly bonus from my email so I tried,unfortunately I always missed some of it😭
  2. I would like to thank stake for 23XRP bonus! I learn some strategies because I make it from 23 XRP to 53XRP nice game BTW, this is the only casino site that has everything that will assure their clients a satisfaction! My two accounts have won 23XRP each from $5 BONUS I love it stake @robertgrajo0 and corpuzjohn65
  3. We don't know how much time we would suffer from current issues, but as we see the dumping of crypto currency prices it would be advantage or something unexpectedly happen for the future? Or this is the end?
  4. From now, I begin from investor to nothing, hahahahahaha it's funny tho I've been first time on casino where I didn't have any idea it's like from $5k to 0.00000049 BTC I always asking some coins to some players but no one likely to tip @johnlopez0000 I already learned from my past so gaining profits would be great.
  5. It's a sad part of playing a casino, but you need to be smarter on every play for better profits, sometimes being greedy will ruin your playing strat, you should put a self discipline to your self.
  6. Wow it's look like very cool and interesting. Hoping that more updates should implement immediately for casino players😁
  7. I always visit the stake forum to see new updates and some new ideas on playing from casino
  8. That would be a great idea, many players would probably join.
  9. For me, I love to test my self control It looks like psychology test or something that challenge me and that expectedly know more about myself.
  10. I see some rumors or some news that there are big events that will happen this month, so for me I'd like to know what's idea do you think or news that you discovered this time?
  11. You're so bright person, I think that you'll be a successful on your life career, your comment really matters
  12. Wow that enlightened my idea about seeds hahahaha thank you for this information.
  13. I didn't forget the risky thing that I made on stake were I bet all my money but I win hahahahahaha that's so crazy, just luck at that time so play smarter
  14. Hahahahaha that would be a dream nothing but a dream, just don't forget the reality that you can't win big profit if you didn't bet a big amount, also you can't lose huge amount of money if you didn't bet big amount, what I mean is just plag smarter.
  15. Wow that looks like interesting idea, there would be a great event this march for all players. BTW I'm excited about this kind of rumors😊