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  1. CarollineF Thank you for chance win Hugs
  2. CarollineF Thank you for chance a win πŸ€πŸ™
  3. hai sayang !! oh begitu .. di mana sulitnya saat berburu tambang dengan pembayaran maksimal! biaya waktu dan bahkan saldo data internet bangkrut mulai Mei ju ne juli agustus dan oktober bot otomatis / tetap berjalan 1x24 jam☺️ ' ya saya tahu itu risiko saya .. LOL tapi aku tetap berusaha apapun yang terjadi !! dengan kesabaran waktu dan keyakinan memiliki koleksi kemenangan..segera, Aminn bagaimana dengan tambang berburu dengan Anda 'salah satu GOAL ?? thank you ..
  4. My dreams and ideals are to become the first lady of the presidency ... in order to be able to help the lives of many people, especially women πŸ€πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Έ
  5. Ohh sorry ,Next time ...other times it's time to win πŸ˜‰πŸ™
  6. If I'm lucky, get the car keys. First thing I do around the world at the end of a trip in Tokyo city ... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ™
  7. oh ya thanking you when you're happy,.... lucky, 'but when you lose,' I often hear the singing of the song☺️☺️ just for fun fun.....
  8. hallo dear all 'good morning to my Asian friends end ' indonesia ' garudaku' so good night to my friends to live in Europe ' hugs' yeaa... today i try to save some collection of hunting mines during the beginning of July ☺️... nah..for several days i lost my coins $ tron $ btc $ xrp $ doge for hunt mines,even when hunting payouts 2163,15x ' mines 13 diamond 8 ' i was 14.000 roll no hit ... ohh dear god,but I'm not hopeless' I tried the next day to hunt using $ ltc & $BCH coins...yeaa finally my luck comes !! It's easy with my roll hunt count to be achieved ' hugs' well next time
  9. EBÉ Slot quoted from the Egyptian language meaning amazing, ' thank you
  10. Hello friends hugs..... ! sorry in advance I just want to post some collection of missionary mission in mines....well after finishing hunting in limbo right now I'm focused on mines the target has been reached 1100x 3232x 9900 x 12000x..... Next 49031x 367735 ' end 5148297x ' but if you have any suggestions and strategies can help me to work together in hunting...on mines :)) therefore I ask for prayer 'so that I can reach the target and have this crazy collection of hunting ... aminn...... thank you !! nice to seee hugs.. gretting the boom tokyo
  11. selamat sore teman teman !! ada yang memiliki strategy gak untuk berburu mines max payout 5148297x ' mines 13, rasa nya diphp ih..!!!! .. hampir tiap bulan di ganti change seed dan pola tetap saja tidak beruntung hampir 300k roll sudah tercapai !!!! manual pun sudah di coba sampai tangan keriting alias kepalan... hehehe mohon di bantu ya... saran untuk berburu di mines ! karena aku suka berburu yang lebih hot dan menantang !!!! terima kasih hugs'
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